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Friday, June 8, 2007

it's time to play catch-up.

whew! it's been a CRAZY few days. not that y'all are used to daily posts from me anyway, but i think i've gotten a little better lately. right? um.......right?


um, okay. let's see. where shall i begin? it's gonna be long, so get comfy. i've got a lot of crap to talk about.

the last two days have been absolutely jam-packed with helping the kid work on her report for school. the assignment was to choose an important person in history and go into detail about their life and how they impacted society. well, my kid's a rebel. "i don't want to pick something that EVERYBODY ELSE is doing, mom." so of COURSE this translates into choosing mummies as her topic. [eyeroll] oh, and one little detail: the report is due TODAY. the kid's known about this thing for TWO WEEKS. can you say "frustration", boys and girls? i know you can.

although let me point something out that she won't ever hear about from me: she's exactly like her mother. she's horrible at math, has no patience for ignorance or stupidity (or terrible drivers), and she procrastinates like crazy. i felt like the biggest hypocrite while i lectured her about putting this crap off till the last minute, but i suppose that's my job....she couldn't actually SEE me cringing on the inside as i uttered the very mother-hen-like words "WHY didn't you tell me about this sooner? now you have to cram it all in TWO days before it's DUE?? come on, child, what were you thinking?"

i'm absolutely cringing right now, as i type it. in any case, we finished the research, outline, bibliography, title & cover pages, PLUS the power point presentation that accompanies the written report. seriously, the last two days have been utterly exhausting. remember that lack of patience i mentioned before? how many times do you think i wanted to just grab the computer and mouse and do it all myself, to get through it faster.....but of course, i couldn't, and didn't. she did all the work herself, and learned a bit more about how to create presentations using the mighty power point. yay.

and a "me" update - i went to the doctor yesterday and all is well with me and the bean. i've finally managed to gain some weight, which made the doc and the hub happy. now, anyone with at least a thimbleful of common sense knows that when you're with child, you're SUPPOSED to add some poundage. i like to think i have at least that much sense in my nugget. but it's awfully hard for this heffa, who's spent the last several years trying to exercise regularly and keep the weight down to a specific range, to step on the scale and not be torn between screaming with rage and soaking an entire roll of TP with hot, salty tears. i should toss that damn scale out the window, but i'm such a glutton for punishment. not to mention that it's become habit to strip for the shower and automatically weigh myself. help me, kirstie alley. valerie bertinelli. jenny mccarthy?

whatever. i'm trying to be sensible about it. i'm on week 3 of my resolve to hit the gym at least twice, plus a yoga class. but it doesn't help that i'm addicted to cinnamon toast eggos, cap'n crunch cereal, and wendy's. come on - everything else gives me heartburn! it sucks. and i've already resigned myself to joining weight watchers or something after the baby's born. i just want the bean to be healthy, so i'm trying my hardest to forget the number on the scale.

oh, that reminds me! a couple of days ago, the kid and i are pulling into the driveway after yoga and find the hub's car parked in the street, the garage door open, and him standing in the garage with a look that can only be described as confused and amused. conmused? amfused? anyway, we look inside the garage and see this:

my husband HATES cats. and yet he helped this poor kitty out from where she was trapped behind the cupboards AND brought out a bowl full of milk?? this also shed some light on why the dog had been going absolutely out of her head -she must've heard the meowing. anyway, the cat hung out for a while, snacked some more, and finally took off running.

i hope the coyotes didn't get ya, my friend.


  1. you are soooo cute! love the dress and the adorable little baby bump. :-)

  2. I concur! You're totally cute! And I bet that you'll only have like 3 lbs to lose after you have the baby, seriously!

  3. I heart and can relate to the procrastinating kid story, super heart your baby bump, AND am laughing to myself about the coyotes and the cat. Yay for the hubby saving the kitty.

  4. (1) Procrastinators, unite! It doesn't get better with age. It gets worse.

    (2) My former CW thinks you are a hot pregnant woman. Go, you.

    (3) Circle of life. Awooooooo! That was a satiated coyote howling with glee.

  5. I'm super jealz that you remain so cute while you're pregnant.


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