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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i keep forgetting to show off

my two big purchases from the nords' half-yearly sale. i didn't find much at all, but i couldn't very well leave empty-handed, could i?? of COURSE not.

i love juicy couture. i love it a lot. mostly because of the little "j" dangly charm that they put on their stuff, i suppose. and after missing out on the most fabulous handbag from last fall, i've had my eye out for another one....so far with no luck whatsoever. booooo. anyway, so i've been carrying around the cutest pink leather juicy wallet, but because it's pink, it's gotten absolutely filthy. and really not clean-able (that's not a word, but i don't care). so i picked this one up:

yes, i'm fully aware that it's yet another pink wallet, with WHITE patent leather trim to boot. but i couldn't resist it for two reasons: it was part of the nords' sale, and the little "cupcake couture" charm was just too damn cute. i also found that it doesn't really hold all my absolutely necessary wallet crap (you know - punch cards from the scrapbook store and the car wash, hallmark gold crown card, business cards for my favorite mani/pedi and massage places, etc.). but who cares? i have a cute new wallet.

i also snapped up this adorable beach hat. i know the kid's totally going to make fun of me when i wear it (the hub, too), but poo on 'em. i love it. and i look way cuter than this girl in it, but i'm too lazy to take a picture.

now i'm going to sit back and wait for the nords' anniversary sale. it's always so totally way better than the half-yearly, anyway. pish-posh.


  1. WeeMo, i would be supremely let down if you didn't :)

  2. Did the hat come with the faux scribble glasses and mustache?

    The wallet is cute! I dig the cupcake!

  3. That hat says "Domestic Goddess" all over it.

  4. I bought the hobo and the tote bag that match that wallet :)


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