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Monday, June 18, 2007

i'll take three red velvet, two peanut butter chocolate, and a strawberry, thanks.

after a ridiculously long [albeit self-imposed] break from the tasty treats from sprinkles, i found myself standing in a very long line at the corona del mar location on saturday afternoon. we'd decided to try and get away from the heat by heading out to the o.c., and stopped at the tommy bahama cafe for a light lunch. because i was in a fog from the nap i'd taken in the car, it didn't occur to me how close we were to cupcakey goodness until we were about halfway through lunch!

mmmmmmm. oh red velvet, how i've missed you (and didn't even know it). although i have to admit that i think i actually prefer dot's cupcakes over sprinkles now. [clamping hand over mouth] i can't believe i just said that.

we ended up driving through some cool residential areas of laguna beach, oohing and aahing over some of the homes there, and got out to stroll along the beach and get our feet wet. by the time we got back in the car to do some shopping at fashion island, it was exactly 7:00...when the shops were closing for the day. why retailers do this when there are still tons of customers with itchy checkbooks milling around, i'll never understand. the kid and i got to the juicy couture store just as they were letting out the last customer. booooooo.

for dinner, after debating the merits of bluewater grill and the cannery, we ended up at the latter and enjoyed a nice dinner at the sushi bar.

and now, i'm off to make some cards for the kid's teacher and the school secretary for end-of-year gifts. we batted around ideas such as bath & body works and nordstrom and starbucks gift cards, but ended up with a spawish gift card instead. after working with 30 twelve-year-olds for the last nine months, i'd say her teacher deserves a nice spa treatment, wouldn't you?


  1. Dots cupcakes are more (dare I say the awful word?) moist!

  2. mmmmmmredvelvet. one of my faves. i'm thinking of doing cupcakes instead of a big tiered cake for our reception at home.... mmmmredvelvet. a little taste of heaven. thanks for linking me, by the by!

  3. Sorry, I still like Sprinkles Red Velvet better. Dots didn't have the same level of moisture when I went. Or maybe it was the frosting...whatever. It was still better. That won't stop me from eating both of them. ;)

  4. Totally agree...Dots>Sprinkles, IMO.

    BTW, elementary school parents are so fabulous! I wish parents would buy me presents now :( Don't they know that their kids are tough to handle when they get to be 16-18?!


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