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Thursday, June 21, 2007

the morning after

the sleepover is OVER! there's still a handful of girls hanging out in the kid's room, chatting and watching the SPICE GIRLS movie. i cracked up when i walked in and saw that. i love when they still show evidence that they really are still 12:

"mrs. wan, i'm posh spice."
"ooh! and i called sporty spice."
"mom, i'm baby spice."
"no, i said i was baby spice!"
"it's my house. i get to be baby spice."

and so on. it was comedy. and this was all while munching on cold pizza and leftover hot wings from
pizza hut. the hub and i were a little alarmed when they'd only had half of a large pizza for dinner, but they pretty much hoovered up all the leftovers for breakfast, in addition to a tray of cinnamon rolls.

all in all, we had a total of seven girls over for the night. i'd set a limit of five, but how the hell was i supposed to say "no" when the kid asked me with *those* eyes?? besides, the tent was big enough to sleep like ten adults. we probably could've crammed in about six more kids in there if we wanted to. the hub lit tiki torches and citronella candles and they all piled in the tent and giggled for hours. we had the firepit all stocked up with firewood and all the makings for s'mores, but it got too late and there it all sits on the counter. oh, well. the extra sugar would've kept 'em up even later, i'm thinking.

i slept on the couch in the living room, in full view of the tent, just in case. shockingly, i managed to get all my forty winks, even with the giggling and squealing. i bet the neighborhood loved us last night.

and of course, the torches and candles were extinguished before we went to bed. i can totally imagine the scene, somewhere around 3:30am:

[loud pre-teen screaming]


and then we'd have fire trucks blaring through the night, nosy ass neighbors coming out to watch the scene, and the kid would never be able to have a sleepover again because parents wouldn't trust us anymore. we'd be outcasts, and have to move to idaho or something.

ooh, she'd kill me if she knew i posted this, but this is her with her "date" to yesterday's dance:

and here's a quick close-up of the kid's hair from yesterday's promotion. not bad, eh?


  1. i always wanted to be ginger spice. :)

  2. So cute! And sounds like a fun night for the gals.

  3. She is SO Mini-Wan! (Not to be confused with Obi Wan.)

  4. Dude....I WANNA BE POSH!!! (Especially cuz she gets to look at David Beckham everyday!)
    Mini-Wan indeed...she is way too cute, and yeah, can you imagine if she knew you were posting this stuff?? MOOOOOOOOOMMM??

  5. Cuteness!

    BTW, when are you hosting the SFAM sleepover?

  6. I want a sleepover like that. And it'll never be too late for smores. :)


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