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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

oh boy, a painted lady!

so the kid's 6th grade graduation/promotion/whatever you want to call it ceremony is tomorrow. now, she's been talking about dresses, hair, makeup, shoes, the whole nine for months for this thing. i guess i shouldn't be too surprised, considering she's always planned out her halloween costumes damn near a year in advance. heh.

we managed to scoop up a really pretty anna sui dress from anthropologie about a month ago. the bargain shopper in me found it in the clearance section, marked down to $69 from $200+! it's black silk with a red floral pattern - empire waisted, with a red ribbon belt and falls just below the knee. too cute. and yesterday at the mall, she decided she wanted to spend some of her highly coveted birthday money on a pair of RED PATENT LEATHER PEEPTOES at aldo. [thud] they've got a 2-inch heel and i have to admit, they look adorable with her dress, but....man.

she's decided she wants to do a gwen stefani/rockabilly/glam 40's-style half updo. and, of course, the oh-so-predictable "moooooom, can i wear some makeup pleeeeeeeaaaaaase?" was asked ages ago. i didn't touch makeup until i was in the 8th grade. you're, what, 13 or 14 then? so as usual, she's way ahead of me.

i had to draw the line when we stopped at the MAC counter and she was eyeing colors like "lasting lust". "lip gloss, not lipstick", i tell her. after arguing the subtle differences, she got frustrated and decided to look at accessories instead. oy vey.

black eyeliner, red lips, and red patent leather peeptoes. i need some excedrin. make that EXTRA STRENGTH excedrin. and a shot of whiskey to chase it down.


  1. An anthropologie dress, make-up, patent leather shoes. You're such a cool mom.

  2. I am impressed that she's going to be wearing Anna Sui. I used to have an Anna Sui watch. It got stolen, and I cried.

  3. I agree with Bree - you're a cool mom!

  4. wow. cool mom is right. i think the extent of my couture knowledge at that age was multiples. and there was no way i was wearing heels. although iknow it's more conservative here in the midwest. :) but she obviously got her sense of fabulousness from you!

  5. My heart sank a little with each added element...designer dress, patent leather peep toe heels, a hair style for 6th grade grad, make-up????!! She's so far ahead of me at that age. Holy crap.

  6. Hell, your daughter is cooler than me NOW, and I'm freakin' 26 years old!


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