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Sunday, June 24, 2007

t-minus 3 days.

the hub is taking off this week for his trip to africa. it's been in the works for months - even before we knew the bean was coming. i know it's going to be an awesome, life-changing trip for him, but selfishly, i can't wait for it to be over and for him to come home.

because he's a damn workaholic, i was totally predicting that he'd work all the way through until maybe the afternoon before he actually leaves. but he really surprised me when he told me on friday that he was done working till his return! this made me quite happy, because that meant i'd get to spend a couple of unexpected days with him...and at the same time, i realized that my plans would have to change a little.

i'd been planning on writing him a little note to open for every day he'd be gone, and i was going to get it all done over the next two days. well, obviously that wasn't going to work! i found a pocket of time this morning to get it done. i'll just have to pray for forgiveness for not paying a lick of attention during this morning's sermon - i spent most of it thinking of all the different things i'd write about in no less than SIXTEEN notes. heh.

and since i like to make things extra challenging, i thought i'd print up a little wallet-sized picture to put in each day's envelope. i managed to finish the notes and pictures and [looking out the window] he's not home yet! woo-hoo! of course, because i am a royal goober, i used four different colors of envelopes, wrote the notes on white cardstock, and used my favorite ultra-fine point sharpies in coordinating colors. and, inspired by nanette's haikus, i decided to write a few of my own. i can't wait till he starts reading these - he's going to laugh his ass off at my uber dorkiness. i just know it. here's an example:

You’re in Zimbabwe
That is some crazy ass shit!
No diarrhea!

yup. i'm officially lame.


  1. Lame! And by "lame," I mean "incredibly thoughtful and adorable." ;)

  2. i'm just looking around various blogs seeing where they lead me :-) have a nice day :-)

  3. Yeah and I know Steve and saw your comment on his site so had to click on yours : ) Oh my gosh I totally love stationary and love your description of the notes ha ha. I'm sure your husband will love them they look so pretty! : ) p.s do you have fun in stationary shops?

  4. oh my god. that just made my day. a haiku about diarrhea. i'm dying over here.

  5. You wrote about poo on pretty paper. That is awesome. :) Good luck to the hubs on his trip!


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