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Monday, June 11, 2007

okay, i broke down and did it.

so lots of folks have been telling me that the styles that all the kids are wearing now are totally suitable for maternity wear. i half believed them, but couldn't ever bring myself to walk into stores like forever 21 for a couple of reasons: i always hated spending cash on "disposable" clothing, and, well, okay, i admit it: the music's too loud. YES, I'M OLD AS HELL. shut up.

i was meeting a friend in old town pasadena for a late lunch and found myself there a little bit early, so on a whim, i walked into the ginormous forever 21 store (you know, the one that used to be saks fifth avenue). and dang it, folks were right! plus, i was rather startled to see several items that were perfect replicas of items i picked up at one of my favorite stores, anthropologie. and then "startled" turned into "annoyance" - for the price of one anthropologie top, i could've bought about seven at forever 21. SEVEN. grrrrrrrrrrr.

a text message on my phone told me i had time to actually try stuff on, so i went into the dressing room armed with about six different tops/dresses. one of my favorites was a polka-dot dress that was retailing for a whopping $17.80. anyway, i breezed out of there with a few items and the intention of heading straight to the cashier, when out of the corner of my eye, i noticed a staircase leading to a SECOND level, stocked with even more stuff. whoa.

i walked out of there feeling like the greatest bargain shopper that ever was. $95 bought me no less than six days' worth of fun stuff to wear! i haven't told the hub yet, but i'll be emphasizing that old wives' lie of "babe, it's not how much i spent, but HOW MUCH I SAVED."


my friend and i had fabulously greasy bacon cheeseburgers at barney's on colorado, and topped it off with a stop at the always-crowded 21 choices frozen yogurt. neither of us had ever been there, and quickly learned exactly why the place was always packed like a sardine can - it's the coldstone of frozen yogurt! they carry six flavors of yogurt that change on a daily basis, and you have the option of having them mix in anything from peanut butter to twinkies. they had just about every candy you can imagine, plus mountains of gorgeous fresh fruit (yes, i can appreciate the beauty of fruit. i just won't eat it) and different kinds of cereal. i'm not usually a big fan of frozen yogurt, but you could mix chopped-up butterfinger in poop and it'd taste pretty good. okay, maybe not. but you get my point.

the hub and i finished off our saturday with a movie run. we caught "ocean's 13" and "knocked up", and didn't get home until almost 1AM. both movies were entertaining, and i managed to get through them without falling asleep! so it was quite a fabulous day. shopping, greasy burgers, gossiping, a sweet treat, and eye candy. can't get much better than that.


  1. We're going to do the same double feature this weekend!

  2. i giggle at your blogs. thanks for stopping by, also. we'll have to talk hawaii-style weddings. now that we've booked the date, there will be more updates more regularly about the wedding. :)

  3. Movie marathon, yeah! I'm going to see Knocked up this weekend. Oceans will have to wait.


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