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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

goodbye, elementary school!

as mentioned in yesterday's post, the kid and her 6th grade class said a fond farewell to elementary school today. the agenda for the big day included getting ready, getting to school, last-minute prep for the ceremony, a dance in the cafeteria, and then capping it all off with a pool party co-hosted with her BFF and ending with a campout sleepover in our back yard. whew! i'm tired just thinking about it. then again, everything tires me out these days.

pedicures were accomplished yesterday, along with a trip to the salon for the kid to get her hair trimmed. and happily, the stylist was able to show us exactly how to do the much-desired hairstyle. along with my cousin, who's home from NYC for a visit, we BBQ'd some carne asada and sat around talking until it was time for the kid to get some shut-eye...and then we sat up and talked some more. and some more. and then a bit more - until we realized it was 2am!

we managed to get her ready (and she looked ab-fab, let me say), dropped off at school, and then got US ready in time to make a quick trip to the local florist before going back to school and staking our claim on a great spot in the 3rd row. our little cheering section grew to a whopping eleven family members - i was quite proud of the turnout, especially for a wednesday at 9 in the morning! the end-of-year awards ceremony was part of the program, during which the kid was presented with two special awards - perfect attendance for the 3rd trimester (a-what?? really?) and the silver presidential award. that's right, folks....she's the proud recipient of a certificate signed by george bush.

[holding up "applause" sign]


okay, so anyway.....

each student was then given the chance to say a few words. it was awesome - one kid started his speech and promptly fumbled in his pocket for his cheat sheet, one who decided to give a quick commentary on each of his teachers through the years ("thanks to mr. 4th grade. he was really clean."), and lots of sweet sentiments towards parents, friends, and teachers. then they were handed their promotion certificates and it was all done! a clip of the kid and then her BFF, who's almost like a second (i guess now, third?) daughter to me is coming soon - youtube is pissing me off at the moment. grrrrrrrrrr.
at last, here it is:

well, okay. i'm totally proud of it, so i'll throw it in for a little glory. the 6th grade teachers handed out some appreciation awards to a handful of parents for contributions made throughout the year, and guess who received the very last one? oh yeah:

congrats to my fabulous kid and the class of 2007!


  1. Stylin'! I love that you got an award, too.

  2. Congrats to B, and to YOU, Miss Involved Mommy :)

    Excited for junior high yet?

  3. B looked super cute. And was BFF wearing heels too? Looks like it was awesome and congrats to Super Mom for the much deserved award!!

  4. r, she was indeed wearing heels - as were most of the girls there. a few of them really took advantage of the situation and busted out with some major STILETTOS. at least they weren't clear, but...pole, anyone?


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