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Friday, December 4, 2020

crazy, beautiful, wonderful life

15 years.  it's gone by in a flash.  i can hardly believe it.  it seems like just yesterday that we were in hawaii and i made my way down the aisle:

to meet up with this guy:

and exchanged vows that we'd both written just that morning.

we made vows to this little girl, just ten years old and now known as the old lady, and created a family.

a little later, the now-hub basically signed his life away with a stroke of a pen:

we shared our first cake as husband and wife:

and happily took our first family portrait.

of course, a cheesy sunset photo was a requirement.

back home about a month later, we got dressed up again to celebrate with more of our family and friends.

of course, there were more cheesy photos.

and then we cut into not one, not two, but THREE cakes.

fifteen years, four moves, one new baby, three dogs, seven different cars, countless trips, endless laughter, eternal love.  we've shared lots of highs as well as a good handful of low moments, we've bickered and made up, made lots of decisions big and small, and through it all i just can't imagine doing it any other way.  life isn't perfect, and neither are we - but we're pretty perfect for each other.

how it started:

and how it's going.

oh, and yes - the 15th wan-niversary twirl is on today's agenda...as long as the dress still fits.  wish me luck.

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