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Monday, December 21, 2020


we've been so wrapped up in getting ready for christmas that i never did recap wan-niversary 15.0.  if you recall from last year, i was fairly certain that my streak of fitting into the ol' wedding dress had come to an end.  but as it turns out, not being able to do all that rowing at orangetheory since march really did a number on my muscle tone that i'd worked for two years to build up.  the silver lining out of that was that this year, the zipper went up all the way without any extra effort.  yay!

and of course...the twirl.

fifteen years is certainly cause to celebrate.  and so with the old lady hanging out with the bean for the weekend, the hub and i made our way out to the desert, checking into the l'horizon resort in palm springs.

it was tucked away off the main road, and it would've been easy to miss if you didn't know to look for it.  the lobby was quiet and very palm springs-y, and when the front desk staff offered us a glass of champagne we happily accepted.

we were assigned to bungalow 1 with a view of the pool, and it was adorable.

we had a little seating area in front of the bungalow, and an outdoor shower that would probably have been pretty cool in the summertime.

while the hub headed out to the fire pit to enjoy a cigar, i got myself ready for anniversary dinner.  we had reservations at mastro's, and i was looking forward to sharing a delicious meal to celebrate our milestone.

of course, in these covid times, we were seated outside in a weird corridor that led to the rear parking lot.  we cracked up at the backdrop for our photo, and happily poured more champagne.

crab cocktail and maple glazed bacon "steak" kicked off our meal.

we shared a steak and ordered up some lobster mashed potatoes and asparagus to go with it, and it was all so good i never did get a picture of it. that's okay though, because you can imagine what it looked like.  and we capped off the meal with their delicious gooey butter cake.

it was a lovely way to spend our anniversary, and we still had the rest of the weekend to share.  it'd been a long time since we'd had time together, just the two of us, and while we missed the kids and the dogs it was really nice to get away.

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