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Friday, December 11, 2020

family photos , 2020-style

this year's family photo shoot ended up being much later than we'd originally planned.  because, of course, in true 2020 fashion the hub's covid diagnosis came two days before our scheduled shoot.  we'd decided to try something new and book it through a website called shoott - you choose a location from their list of local venues and have a 30-minute session with one of their photographers.  the shoot itself is free with no obligation to purchase (yeah, right - i can't imagine not liking at least ONE picture out of a half hour session), and you can purchase individual pictures starting at $12 or the entire gallery for $240.  it sounded like a great deal, and after settling on a location (LACMA, for something totally different from what we've done before) and a date we were all set.

luckily, we were able to schedule a different date at the same location.  and then 2020 swooped in again, with the news that LACMA had closed off access to the streetlight installation where we were originally to meet our photographer.  and that's how we ended up at walt disney concert hall in downtown l.a. instead.

it would have been pretty comical watching me get ready for this thing.  it'd been months since i'd last done my makeup, and after struggling a little trying to remember where i'd put all my stuff i then had to relearn how to put it on.  i took this selfie once i was all done to commemorate the occasion:

we got to disney hall almost half an hour early, but luckily our photographer was already there and ready to get to work.

he was friendly if not particularly creative and we got all of the requisite group photos and solo shots in, taking a few selfies here and there in between.

it went by pretty quickly, and before we knew it we were heading back to the car.

we decided to head over to the arts district for some coffee and brunch at urth caffe.  but first...a little art.

urth caffe was pretty quiet for a saturday morning.  l.a. county had already issued the ban on outdoor dining, so it was only open for pickup and delivery orders.

it took just a couple of days before we received the link to our online gallery.  our photographer had uploaded every single photo he'd taken - good and bad - and the hub and i decided that we liked enough of them to just go ahead and buy the entire gallery.  my friend google helped me find a coupon code that took the cost down even further, and so without further adieu here are some of my favorite shots.

we always try to get shots of us with just the girls:

solo shots:

i always love a good picture of just me and him.

one of our girls:

i think we all groaned a little when he suggested we hold hands and look at each other and casually laugh together while walking towards him.  these are always so cheesy, and they never come out looking natural.  still, we obliged and this is probably the only one that doesn't make me cringe so hard i'm turning inside out.

and this one cracks me up because i don't even know what's happening here but i love it.

when all was said and done, i have to admit that i kind of regret not bringing the dogs to this year's shoot.  they were so cute in last year's photos, and i think they would have behaved for the short session.  that's okay...there's always next year.  and of course, we'll take some fun group photos on christmas day.

always planning ahead.  you know how much i love a good photo op.  heh.

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