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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

filipino night with the dodgers 2023, check

filipino heritage night at dodger stadium has become one of my favorite summertime traditions.  my cousin always secures a bunch of tickets in the home run section, which has basically spoiled me for all other seats for any baseball game.  we've always got an amazing view, comfortable seats plus AYCE food and soft drinks are included so it's just a really good time.  

here's the menu of everything we could order from the server assigned to our section:

and the obligatory family photo, which the hub grudgingly posed for.

there was a fun performance of traditional filipino dances before the anthem and first pitch.

i opted for a good ol' dodger dog, which doesn't photograph well at all, and also snagged some fun snacks from the shelf that was made available to everyone in our section.

i'm kind of hoping that they offer something else as the giveaway for next year, because this makes three years in a row of themed jerseys - and how many different ways can you really style the filipino flag, anyway?  or - how many ways SHOULD it be done?  no more, please.

we had a great time hanging out with family and friends, and with that, my annual quota of baseball games was met.  heh.

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