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Monday, October 9, 2023

i could do this all day

hyperion theater at california adventure has been home to some really well-done live stage shows, like aladdin and frozen.  of course, the pandemic changed all that and the theater was dark for a really long time.  

the disney+ show "hawkeye" brought us a brief glimpse of a parody of captain america and the avengers, a pretend broadway show called "rogers: the musical."  it was super cheesy and cringeworthy, but when they announced that an interpretation of it would hit the stage at hyperion theater the disney/avenger nerds like me rejoiced and made plans immediately to see it.

as a member of d23, the official disney fan club, i was able to snag two tickets to a sneak peek of the show the day before it was scheduled to open to the public.  the bean and i decided to make a fun disney day of it, and made our way down to anaheim that afternoon.

at check-in we were given wristbands to wear, along with d23 tote bags that contained a themed ornament and journal, plus a knit beanie advertising secret invasion, a show debuting on disney+.

it was a bit surreal to go up the stairs and enter the theater for the first time in forever.

our tickets also got us these themed popcorn buckets with red, white and blue popcorn to snack on.

as corny as the show was, it was fun to watch, well done and fully entertaining.  it told the story of how steve rogers became captain america, which was told in the movie captain america: the first avenger...only this was musical.  heh.

before heading home, we stopped at award weiners to grab some dinner.  we shared a basic hot dog with fries, plus the carne asada fries and capped it off with strawberry shortcake funnel cake fries.

the show was only on for a limited time, with the final performance at the end of august.  it was really well-received, so i think a lot of us were convinced that they'd extend it or even maybe make it permanent, but it was not to be.  and so hyperion theater sits dark once again.


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