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Monday, October 16, 2023

just one more

i promise this is the last general hospital convention-related post...for 2023, anyway.

while the fan club weekend actually extended through monday afternoon, my last two events were on sunday.  i timed everything so that i could pack up my stuff, take it to the car and then grab some breakfast from the buffet (which i'd missed the day before because i slept in).

my first event was with carolyn hennesy and tristan rogers, whose characters are currently attempting to begin a relationship together.  there were cupcakes and champagne...which is always a very nice way to start a sunday.  or a tuesday.  cupcakes and champagne work any day of the week, amirite?

it was really fun to listen to them banter back and forth, sharing stories and taking questions and storyline ideas from the audience.  and tristan was full of great stories from the glory days of GH, which i loved listening to because i've been watching the show since before he was first written in.

right on the heels of that was my last event of the weekend:

kelly is celebrating her 20th year on the show, and she has a very loyal and loving fanbase.  it was interesting to watch and listen to the chatter in the room.  because as far as i know, she keeps her personal life as private as possible and yet, a lot of the folks in that room seemed to know quite a lot of information about her.  

before she arrived a couple of volunteers brought in some memorabilia from her time on "dancing with the stars" as well as the other soaps she's been on besides GH.  and as it turned out, she had selected each piece from her personal collection to auction off for charity.  there were posters and photographs and a few of her dresses:

the cheering was loud and long when she entered the room.  and holy cow, she is TINY.

after a fun panel during which she told stories and happily answered questions from the audience, she explained each piece of memorabilia that she'd brought for auction.

we moved into a different room when it was time for our individual meet & greets. there was a handful of fans who had brought some elaborate gifts for her, and she made sure to spend some quality time with everyone.  

i don't remember everything we talked about, but i spent a good 5+ minutes with her (which doesn't sound like much until you stop to think about how many people were there, and that time adds up).  but it was easy to see why her fans love her so much - she's friendly and engaging, and chatting with her was like spending time with a friend.  

it was a really lovely way to cap off my general hospital fangirl-filled weekend.  i can't wait for the next one!

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