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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

in my barbie era

as well as i think i know my child, the bean finds ways to surprise me all the time.  i was super amused to learn that despite their distaste for barbie dolls throughout their childhood, the bean was really excited to see the barbie movie.  even funnier to me was the fact that they owned far more pink clothing than i do, and pink is my favorite color!  

while we were out in the burbank area on the day we went to that disneyland memorabilia exhibit, i decided to stop at the warner bros. studio store because i'd seen somewhere that they had a barbie pop-up shop.  you don't have to buy a ticket for the tour to shop at the store because duh, they won't say no to taking your money.  they even let me park in the structure for free while we shopped, and then we stepped into the elevator.

they made it really easy to find once we got out of the elevator and went through security.

photo op!

it was fun to browse through all of the movie-themed merchandise, and of course we picked up a few things to take home.

we browsed inside the store too, but i managed to hold myself back from snagging anything from the extensive "friends" merchandise area.

we did throw in these "ted lasso" biscuits even though i've only seen a couple of episodes.  the old lady was the first to crack them open and we were both pleasantly surprised to find that they were really delicious.  kind of like a thick, chewy shortbread that was just the right amount of sweet.

i really wanted this barbie swimsuit to work, but it just didn't fit right (nor was it particularly flattering).  i tried it on just long enough to snap this quick selfie and then packed it back up and sent it right back before i talked myself into keeping it.

i'd managed to secure tickets for the bean's circle of close friends for a sneak peek showing of the movie the day before its official release (apparently i really love seeing stuff before the general public gets to).  and because i'm extra like that, i decided to make myself an outfit to wear.  i had enough fabric to make myself a couple of different options that looked great on the hangers, but not on me.  boo.

and so i took them both apart and did some careful cutting, which resulted in this.

here's our barbie movie 'fits:

and we managed to score some of the exclusive movie merchandise when we got to the theater.

the movie was just as fabulous as we'd hoped and dreamed.

and then afterwards, i got them to stop for a quick group shot before everyone went their separate ways.

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