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Friday, April 25, 2008


it's been a week since my post on forgiveness.  and i thank you for your kind words, your wisdom, and your positive vibes.  as silly as it may sound, because this is the internet after all, it touched my heart and gave me strength.

for my mom, it's been agonizing.  for my aunt, horrifying.  and for the rest of my family - well, i think it's been eye-opening.

and as for me?  it's certainly been a week of deep thought and soul-searching.  i've really considered the notion of forgiveness - taken it out and looked at it from all angles, played with it, put it away, and pulled it out again, only to repeat the process.  and i was fully prepared for it to take days, weeks, months, maybe even years to come to a conclusion. i've even finally learned to accept the word that describes exactly what i've been trying so hard to forget:  molestation.  ugly, ain't it?  well, that's fitting. and it's been quite a struggle for me, trying to decide whether i can be forgiving of something that should be unforgivable.  and yet i couldn't forget that my forgiveness could help others in their healing process, and i was stumped.

i couldn't really decide exactly how i felt about the whole thing - after all, this is something that's been in the back of my mind for 27 years.  i'd managed to forget about it almost completely for a chunk of that time, but the memories eventually resurfaced - although there are still bits and pieces that are fuzzy to me. 

however, there is one thing that i am completely, 1000% sure of - and that's that it happened.  it's not a figment of my imagination, i'm not making it all up in some insane bid for attention - and despite the fact that this uncle is refusing to own up to it (why would he?  what would he have to gain?), which in turn makes me look like a crazy liar, i'm finding love and support from members of my family who i haven't been close to in a long time.  and though it took a while for them to start opening up and expressing their feelings over it all, i couldn't blame them - after all, while i'd known about it for a long time, this was all brand new information for them.  and completely unexpected, at that.

but sadly, on the flip side, i'm also finding that there are others who seem to be more willing to believe the worst of me, rather than accept the truth for what it is. and that makes me sad, because family gatherings will never be the same again.

i started thinking about sermons at church on sundays by our pastor, who always seems to pick the perfect topics at the perfect time.  and on communion sundays, he almost always tells us "if there's someone who's done you wrong, if you're holding that in your heart, take a moment right now to think it through, and then let it go."  

i like that.  he isn't necessarily telling us to forgive, but more to look at it, give it some attention, and then allow it to fly away, like a bird let out of a cage.  and today, when i hopped in the shower to get ready for the day, this popped into my head.  it was perfect - because not only was i cleansing my body, but my mind as well.  i thought about how i'd already managed to make my peace with what had happened, moved on, and built a wonderful life for myself.  i remembered that opening this pandora's box with my family was done with a purpose - to make them aware, to open it up for discussion, and hopefully to prevent it from happening again.  

my aunt is in the denial stage, and progressing quickly to angry mode.  she's made it clear via e-mail to my family that she intends to stand by her man, and if we're going to shut him out, that'll have to go for her, too.  she stated that she has faith in him, that she's his wife and that won't ever change - and basically told us to STFU.  now, she doesn't read my blog, but what i'd really like to say to her is that she is still family.  if she refuses to see the truth, or decides to just brush it all off and forget she'd ever heard any of it, that's completely up to her.  it won't change the fact that she is still loved.  i hope that after she has time to let it all sink in, she'll realize that.

and then as i was jabbering at the bean while drying my hair, it was as though someone whispered in my ear:  "it's not your forgiveness that he needs."

and just like that, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

as i got the bean ready and jumped in the car to head to gymboree class, i thought about that statement again.  i knew it was absolutely right, and i totally teared up, and i smiled.  it ISN'T my forgiveness that this man needs.  if you believe in God, or some sort of higher power, you'll know what i mean.  so i did as the pastor said - i gave it the attention it needed, i made my peace with it, and i let it go.

and now i am free.


  1. yep. that's what i was trying to say, not so eloquently, in my comment to you... it's not so much forgiveness as letting go.
    i'm sorry that you are struggling with memories and experiences no person should have to endure. i'm sorry that your family has divided over the issue (that seems to happen often).
    i'm sending all my love to you and yours. i hope you find this a very healing, and freeing time. you are a wonderful person with a big heart and deserve the best.

  2. I just wanted to say, You are incredibly strong and inspiring in your ability to make peace with a horrible situation. I truly respect your sharing of the thought process that led you to your revelation today...and I wish you strength and continued peace in dealing with your own internal feelings and your family, as well.
    Good Luck..

  3. totally aweesome. your pastor's succinct statement is what i was kind of sort of trying to say in my last comment, but he's a lot wiser and more eloquent than me, obvs.

    well written post, too, and i am so glad you are free. thank you, really, for sharing. and not in a YTFS way. ;)

  4. Aw, that was really nice. I'm happy that you connected with this "monster in the closet" and set it free. Let your little world be a place of love and happiness.

  5. you don't know me from adam, but i've been where you are. i had a similar situation happen to me and i had a hard time saying the word for along time. for a long, long time. it made me feel dirty. i had an a-ha moment that it was not me who should feel dirty. i wasn't out sleezing around "asking" for something to happen. i was in my home for goodness sake. i should have been safe. however it was other people's reaction to the incident that made me feel dirty.
    i had to let it go so i could be free. i did not treat myself well when i felt it was my fault and i owed myself and my child soooo much more than that. and if i didn't let it go, i was allowing this stranger who did this horrible act to me to control me and i refused to allow that to happen.
    strength and comfort vibes are heading your way. and i hope your family members who are conflicted about this come around.

  6. your post was beautiful in its eloquence and emotion. i'll keep you in my prayers. take care of yourself and your lovely family.

  7. This is an amazing post, and you are such an incredible, wise, strong woman. I am glad you are finding peace in this situation.

  8. This post is amazing. You are amazing. I am floored by your perspective and strength.

  9. I'm glad you came to the resolution you did. You’re a strong woman and I knew you’d make the right decision for yourself. I know this is a very difficult situation and thank you for sharing.

  10. I admire you for your strength.It is very courageous that you were able to open up and set it free. God be with you.

  11. you are beautiful
    and inspiring
    and loved
    thank you

  12. I'm de-lurking to say what a strong and amazing woman you are. This was an awesome post.

  13. she's so adorable...how do you like the quinny? hubs and i are researching strollers and I am completely stomped. we are looking into the mutsy and quinny, i definately want a bassinet seat cus i don't plan on using a infant only carseat. although, i've always wanted the bugaboo, but when we actually checked it out, it seemed really difficult to use and wobbly for the price and plus everyone has it, not that that matters, but it is LY if you know what I mean lol
    input, advice would be wonderful. and oh did i mention she is so adorable =)


  14. so very true. i'm glad you're listening to that voice. good things usually happen when you do.

    lots of love and hugs to you.

  15. I don't really have anything of substance or eloquence to add. I just wanted to let you know that I am proud of you. And that I love you. :)

  16. I never knew about this. I'm so sorry. You're a strong and beautiful woman a thousand times over, I hope you know that.


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