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Thursday, April 3, 2008

on to the next!

with the hub's birthday over and done with (after all that, he decided he really wanted a big ass burger from chili's for dinner, with some golden spoon fro-yo for dessert. oy), i can finally concentrate on something else:

we leave for NYC on saturday morning!

omg. their current highs, according to my cousin r, are in the
50s. shit. i was really hoping that spring would have, well, sprung over there by now and short sleeves with a light jacket would do it. but nooooooo, of course not. hell, i didn't have much to wear this winter as it was - i just kept rotating the same tired 3 outfits. and the bit of shopping i've managed to do for myself mainly consists of spring/summer dresses and tops.

hmmm. maybe i can pack really light and just go shopping over there. ;)

aside from checking the weather and my wardrobe, i bought this book a few weeks ago, but have only had time to skim through a few pages

yeah, i'm one of those nerds who likes to read up on travel destinations from somewhere other than tripadvisor. don't get me wrong, i read those user reviews too, but i love to have a book to flip through and make notes in. dork!

r and i have managed to trade a few e-mails over the past few weeks - she's as excited as we are, because visitors from cali are few and far between for her. she's been there for almost three years and this is the first time we've gotten our shit together and planned a visit. ha! and she's getting ready to move outta the city this summer. oh, well.

anyway, the funny thing is that most of the places we've been talking so excitedly about revolve around - you guessed it - food. dylan's candy bar, alice's tea cup, magnolia and crumbs bake shops (i find it funny that i'll get to the nyc location of crumbs before the beverly hills outpost), peanut butter & co., and more. well, with a few touristy things mixed in too, like top of the rock, statue of liberty, metropolitan museum of art, etc. although that stuff will pale in comparison to the eats we'll be indulging in. it's a good thing nyc is such a walking city. we'll need the exercise to avoid coming home in a rotund state.

the only bummer is that the hub's going to have to fly back home a day before we do. turns out that a meeting that he can't miss is scheduled for wednesday, so he's hopping an early morning flight to be home in time for it. boo. i'm bummed about that, but hey, if not for his dedication to work, we wouldn't be going on vacations or anything fun at all. but still...

at least i've found a silver lining to the situation. r can take a full day off of work to come and hang out with us, so we can squeeze all the really girly crap in that day - and she can schedule it for wednesday. whee! we'll get to hang out with her in the evenings, too, but one whole day together with her as our personal tour guide will be awesome.


  1. i can't believe you leave so soon! selfishly, i'm bummed, but also very very excited for you guys!

  2. Chili's and golden spoon? Now I know what's for dinner tonight :)

    I can't believe your trip is so soon either! All those places sound so fun. I would suggest the museum of natural history/planetarium too. It was really fun. When I was there they had a butterfly exibit where you could walk around a room full of them. It was interesting.

  3. Is this your first time? Book Norma's at the Parker Meridien now on OpenTable if you can. Knowing you and your penchant for sweets and breakfast, you will be in heaven. We used to go there and have breakfast for lunch all the time. :)

    Try to get to Artisanal for dinner one night. Cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

    I have a list somewhere of my faves. If I can't find it, I will make you a new list.

  4. Hey--you commented on my blog about the peanut butter candy melts--that sounds awesome! That way, you could have chocolate cake on the inside surrounded by a peanut-buttery shell! Yum!

    have fun in NYC--I'm near Philly and I can tell you, the spring weather here sucks!

  5. It was 39 degrees here yesterday evening, so stop complaining :)

    I've been wanting to go to Magnolia so please have an extra cupcake for me! Yummm. And of course, please take lots of pictures when the husband is not looking and I expect a full recap here.

    Have a great time!!!

  6. oh my god, i can't stop laughing over here because it's like 58 today and it feels SO WARM and we've all transitioned to light jackets and lighter clothing--spring HAS SPRUNG for us! i cannot stop laughing. :)(i don't live in nyc but I'm guessing they feel like it's spring with that kind of temp.)

  7. I always buy a travel book to carry around with me too. Except for New York. New York I know like my own basement.

    You made me smile so broadly, because when people ask me for recommendations on what to do in New York, all I can think to tell them is where to eat.

  8. 1. i wish i had a golden spoon near me.

    2. EEEEE so jealous of your good eats in NY. Don't forget to hit Lalo and Serendipity for their iced hot chocolate.

  9. I'm sure I will be quite jealous of your trip and fabulous eats. :)


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