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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i keep forgetting

that two of my favorite bloggers, nannersp and willikat, honored me with a couple of sweet awards. and since i've had one hell of a shitty ass day, i'm going to AW them right now.

nanners bestowed this one upon my silly little blog:

really, i'm touched that out of the zillion blogs that nanners frequents, she included me in her list of recipients. i love nanners a lot :)

and my favorite bride-to-be, willikat, passed this one along to me:

willikat is a sweetheart. i actually have nanners to thank for us finding each other!

i've gotta pay it forward and pass it along to 10 of my favorite blogs, which i'll do later, i promise. i'm really so discombobulated from the day i've had that i'm begging for an extension!

[off to pop an advil.]

[or twelve.]


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats!

    Hope the advil hit the spot...

  2. Shit. I have to pay it forward? Boo!

    I think I actually have something like four meme tags that I never completed, too. :P

  3. [belting it out]
    tomorrow, tomrorow...it's only a day awaaaay!

    hope your tomorrow is better. i hope mine and the monkey's is, too.

  4. oh boo for bad days. i would have given you the E, too, but nanners already had!
    hope your day is better.....

  5. blah to crappy days. hope the rest of the week starts to look up. :)

  6. I hope that crappy day didn't last too long. Congrats on your awards! :)


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