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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

this just in!

the bean has her first audition tomorrow afternoon. whee!

the agent said "it doesn't pay much..." and i bit my tongue to keep from blurting out "i don't care, i just want to see my baby in a magazine." hahaha!

and even better, they're also looking for "real moms" to use in the same ad(s). heh. i better put something nice on.

so, tomorrow at 2:15, we'll be somewhere on hollywood boulevard. if you can, send us some "get the job!" vibes ;)


  1. Yay Bean... I am a lurker and read all y our blogs. Who is her agent. I want to get my kids in the industry. Thanks.

  2. How do you spell stage mom?

  3. yay! i don't even have to send you good job vibes because you both are so GORGEOUS you're going to walk away with the jobs. but i'll send you some anyway. :) break a leg!

  4. Those cheeks alone should get her the job.

  5. my money's riding on the two of you landing the gig :)

  6. I'm so vibing out for you fuckers

  7. so fun! i have a feeling that things are gonna go well tomorrow :)

  8. Major "get the job" vibes sent your way!

  9. I thought about you guys while I was gone! :)


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