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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

grumpy tuesday

ugh. our team didn't make it into the damn marathon. stupid nike. i'm going to buy my own damn tiffany necklace, dammit.

plus, my hips and shins are aching from day 1 of week 4 of couch to 5K training. running for 3 and then 5 minutes straight is tough for me. but i'm going to keep it up - we'll sign up for a different marathon. and it'll be so way better than the nike half. :P

and i still don't have any ideas for the hub's birthday gift. fuck.

i was thinking about past birthday gifts and flashed back to 2002, when i bought tickets to the dave matthews band concert at staples center. he was a fan, and i didn't really care one way or another.

but then we got into a rare argument in the car on the way to the show (luckily, not ON his actual birthday), and i was grumpy through the whole damn thing. i was being a total bitch, and let myself fall asleep as i sat in my seat with my chin in my hand.

and ever since then, i really dislike (because "hate" is a strong word) the dave matthews band. i never told him that was the reason for my disdain, but i kind of giggle every time i think about it.

gah! i'm screwed. what the fuck am i going to get this man??


  1. I hate DMB. Mr. Monkey has tix and is going with friends. I am staying home.

    I think you should buy a puppy.

  2. Teehee.

    Boo on the marathon! I'm sad for you.

  3. Ooh, a puppy!!!! Can you, can you?? I think I might explode from all the cute if you had a puppy too.

    BTW- I din't know Marathons rejected people?

  4. I love DMB. Always have. This isn't really public knowledge... but, well, Dave and I have a "thing" together. Don't tell anyone, mkay?

    Crap to the marathon! That totally blows! How can they tell you not to participate? Never heard of such a thing...

  5. so sad, ain't it? :(

    jim introduced me to dmb and i've been a huge fan ever since. heh.

  6. I love DMB, too, although it took a while to convince my friend Shelby to like them. We were listening to their song "Crash" when one of our tires blew out. She took it as a sign, but she eventually got over it and is a die-hard fan now. :)

  7. Wellllllllll, DMB tix *are* on sale, aren't they? LOL.

  8. I heart DMB!!! I'm in for a local marathon...I want to crash the party if a local marathon is found...

  9. So much time has passed and I'm still sad about the marathon. :(


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