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Monday, March 31, 2008

shit, shit, shit!

i can't believe the hub's birthday is in TWO days and i haven't come up with a single fucking idea as to what to buy for him.

fuckity fuck fuck.

i swear, he's the hardest person to buy for. i'm screwed.

and i can't believe it's already been a whole year since we had his birthday lunch at madre's. that was the first time i took a belly pic - ha! amazing what difference a year makes.

i guess i better take a break from voting and get crackin' on a gift.


  1. After so many years of birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays I've decided I'm pretty much tapped out. Good luck to you :) Maybe you'll think of some idea I can steal. Hah!

  2. It's times like these that I relish the fact that The Monkeys don't exchange gifts.

  3. Hey is he 30 yet? That isn't this year is it?

  4. I got my husband a video game . . . 3 weeks after his birthday. Oh, he chose it at the store. Yay I'm so thoughtful.

  5. i hear ya. jim is notoriously hard to buy for, too. no ideas here, but lots of luck to ya!

  6. I echo the monkey...I'm glad we don't exchange gifts and this only solidifies that. Hope (even though I'm sure) you found something great. :)


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