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Monday, March 31, 2008

a lazy, busy weekend

so it was an uber productive AND uber lazy weekend at the same time. that makes no freaking sense whatsoever, but i promise it'll make sense by the end of this post.

my mom came for a rare visit on saturday morning. actually, this was the 2nd week in a row of rare visits, so perhaps they're not so rare anymore. heh. i just confused myself.

anyway, we had fun sitting and chatting, just catching up and talking about everything from american idol to the bean's poop schedule to updates on family. and yes, i got slightly chastised for a post title from last week. ah, well. [waving at mom, who's fo' sho' reading this] thanks for coming, mom! and thanks again for the hunk of corned beef you brought - i'm hoarding that shit all to myself. the hub doesn't know i have it, and well, he's on a "need to know" basis in that regard.

after she took off to meet up with my gram and some aunts for dim sum (yum), we hopped into the car and went off in search of some lunch. we ended up at capri deli in covina - it's been there for 50 years, but i'd never heard of it. apparently, he'd been told that their pastrami is even better *gasp* than the hat - by some of his buddies at the local cigar shop. heh. so we decided to give it a try.

it's a great little place - sandwiches, pizza, pasta, plus a mini-italian market! they had homemade frozen lasagnas to take home, delicious looking cookies, and slices of homemade cake. not to mention, they had a whole section of old-fashioned bottled sodas:
i went with the pastrami dip, a stewart's orange & cream soda (which ended up tasting like st. joseph's baby aspirin to me, yuck), and a slice of lemon cream cake. and oh, was it delicious. the pastrami was lean and stuffed into the softest, chewiest sesame seed-topped roll, and that lemon cream cake was *choke* moist (this word is ONLY acceptable when describing baked goods) - layered with light lemon cream with crushed lemon candy pressed into the frosting. mmm, i want to go back right now.

once we got in the car, the bean fell asleep. i crack up at how pissed off she looks when she drops off into dreamland.

we went home and relaxed a bit - the hub napped while i did this, and then when dinnertime rolled around he popped up and said "let's go to sushi roku!"

you don't have to ask me twice.

we were seated immediately (and we were slightly amused to hear the hostess telling the couple behind us that it would be a 45-minute wait) right next to a big ass sausage party. and as we watched them flirt with the waitress and order one round of drinks after another, we realized it was a bachelor party. the hub and i exchanged looks and cracked up every few minutes as they got louder, drunker, and and flirtier. it was pretty damn funny. dinner AND a show! whee!

a quick stop at 21 choices (whose name i don't get, because they only have, like, 6 different flavors of yogurt on any given day) for some dessert, and then we headed home to sit in front of the tv on a saturday night, like old folks. and the poor hub ended up going to bed nursing a horrific migraine that came out of nowhere.

and sadly for him, it stayed with him all night and into yesterday morning. we skipped church and i called in an order to pick up at flappy jack's for breakfast. that joint was PACKED when i got there, and i felt some dagger-like stares as i sashayed in, paid for our food, and sauntered out with a big yummy bag within the span of about 5 minutes.

we ended up kicking it at home all day long in our PJs. ha! we NEVER do that. but we sat there playing with the bean, watching endless episodes of "i love lucy," and get this: we powered through our taxes and got them e-filed. yahoo!

now you see what i meant by lazy AND productive. all three of us were in jammies and no one set foot in the shower all day long. good thing i had some trader joe's goods in the house to make for dinner. god forbid we should have to actually get cleaned up and presentable.

man, i love lazy weekends like that. they're too few and far between.


  1. i know exactly what you mean. i love weekends like that.

  2. Uhhh, you said "moi_ _", oh yuck I cant even type it...man I hate that word!! It is at the top of the yucky word list! You you know this :)

  3. You failed to answer the most important question -- was it better than The Hat or not?


  4. The bean made it to the finals on the KIIS My Baby contest.

    She is in Gallery 3 Contestant #133.


  5. I had a lazy productive weekend too! I love those kind of weekends

  6. those are the best. much better than the 23 hours we spent traveling on sunday :/

  7. I heart lazy productive. And yes, I must know if it's better than the hat. Share!


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