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Thursday, March 27, 2008

silliness with the kid

i swear, i have so much fun with the kid. she's so silly and funny, and i absolutely dread the end of the weeks that she's home. when she isn't around, it's a lot quieter.

the other day, she was cleaning her room while i was putting away laundry in our room (exciting, i know), and she came barreling through the door looking like this:

awesome. we have our very own elphaba. i knew she'd enjoyed "wicked" as much as i had, but i had no idea she liked it this much. ha! it reminded me of when she was in the 2nd grade and dressed up as a witch for halloween. we painted her face green and when i picked her up after school, she'd washed it all off because the sight of her own face in the mirror scared her. i must find a picture to share.

i dropped off mollydog to get her bath yesterday, and we picked her up while running other random errands. she's all nice and fluffy and she smells good again. yay!

we headed out to ontario to hit up the mills again - this time, to stock up on new clothes for the kid. plus, i'd tried on one of the little sun outfits i found for the bean at the carter's store, and realized that for $6, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to scoop up a bunch of them in different colors. plus, there's an abercrombie outlet there, and hollister, and pacific sunwear - some of the kid's favorite stores.

and they didn't disappoint. we managed to find a whole lot of stuff for really cheap, which made my checkbook happy. and the kid is pretty money-conscious, so she's usually careful about what she picks out. we walked through the saks outlet and i drooled over the wide selection of premium jeans again. you'll be proud (or smack me upside the head, i'm not sure which) of me for suppressing the urge to stock up - the joe's jeans and true religions were all 20% off of their already low $99 price. i really wanted to pick up a couple of pairs, but in all honesty, i don't need them and i tried to remember that we weren't there for ME. and aside from a few tops at abercrombie, i did pretty well.

oh, and did i happen to mention that there's a krispy kreme at ontario mills? not in the mall itself, but in one of the outparcels - and it has a drive-thru. yes, folks, i decided i wanted some sweet, glazed goodness - and i wasn't even willing to roll my ass outta the car to get it. i love it.

the kid indulged my need for photographic evidence of these goodies:

man, those things are good. neither of us could even remember the last time we'd had a krispy kreme donut. and we managed to get them home before diving into the box - but not until after we'd devoured our yoshinoya beef bowls. the hub was at a dinner conference, and so we were on our own for dinner. we munched while we watched that train wreck of a show, "moment of truth." i don't know why, but we can't seem to NOT watch it when it's on. pure trash, but it's addictive trash.

and tonight is open house at school. they've decided to throw in some fundraising and have the in-n-out truck coming too, to serve burgers and earn some money towards the new computer lab. whee!

i like food a lot. can you tell?


  1. There are some days when you really just need to load up on a bunch of junk food. It's good for the soul.

  2. i had a krispy kreme for breakfast yesterday. yum.

  3. I can't wait til your kid finds your blog and sees her green face on here. =)

  4. Oh, those Krispy Kremes go down way too easy!

  5. jeans are that cheap!!!! i wish i was there! not that i'm employed or anything but i do need new jeans.

  6. The Warehouse Sale is happening next weekend. Jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans....

  7. I can't believe the kid is not a kid anymore. Good lawd! She's growing up fast!

  8. i've been through that drive-through before ;)

    although, i've had the beef bowl and i'm not a fan :(


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