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Saturday, March 29, 2008

only child syndrome in full effect

okay, so this is what i've been staring at for the last hour (i don't know what's up with the funky color scheme, but i'm tired of trying to fix it):

i've seriously been sitting here pressing F5 to vote and vote and vote and vote for at least an hour straight. my fingers are cramping up, my eyes are totally blurry, and my head is about to explode. but look:

The results are in!
33 % 1. Kaitlyn
29 % 2. Dillon
5 % 3. Patrick
2 % 4. Amelia
1 % 5. Kordell
30 % 6. Kellen

i have major issues. i know this. but dammit, i want her to win. heh.


  1. f5 finger is tired. i love the tag, too.

  2. Dude, you're lucky I love you. I wouldn't repeatedly vote for anybody but you. LOL!

  3. Wow, the Bean is unmasked *and* you share her name, all in two consecutive posts! This has been a big weekend! ;) Now those of us who don't know you in real life will have to wait for you to reveal the Kid's name and all will be well, LOL. My girlfriend is considering naming her daughter Kaitlyn...for whatever reason, I was surprised to learn that is the Bean's name. I have absolutley no idea what I thought it would/could/should be but it is a great name either way!! :)

  4. Hey there - your daughter is too cute! Dillon is also in the running, #2 :) Will you do me a favor and shoot me an e-mail? I have something I need to make you aware of. Thanks!

  5. Shoot, I you might need my e-mail huh? deonandkatie@hotmail.com

  6. you know i love ya, but you know you're crazy, right? ;)


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