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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

7 months to transform into a running MACHINE.

so when i was a wee little wan, i wasn't exactly what you'd call "athletic." okay, well, i was rather middle-of-the-road - good enough to hold my own, and not the last one to be picked for teams. you know?

i knew how to play, i was competitive, and i was a pretty average p.e. student. but the thought of joining any of the organized teams (volleyball, softball, etc.) scared the shit out of me. i much preferred laying around on the couch with my nose in some cheesy ass harlequin romance novel instead.

but what did i do yesterday?

i signed up to run a marathon.

that's right. your eyes are not playing tricks on you. i actually joined the team of girls who ran the l.a. marathon on sunday (and a grip of others who were similarly inspired) and we're going to begin training for the nike women's marathon in san francisco. we're doing the half (13.1 miles for those are mathematically challenged) and honestly, i am pumped. i never, ever thought i'd be excited about the prospect of running my fool ass off, but i am. you know that list you've always had in the back of your mind of things you'd love to accomplish at least once in your life? well, this is one of those things for me. and, um, the tiffany necklace as a prize for finishing the thing is quite a lovely carrot dangling in front of my face. mm-hmm.

plus, there's another half marathon running through my very favorite place in the entire universe: disneyland. the medal for finishing is shaped like a castle and sounds uber lame and cheesetastic, but i can't imagine a more fun setting for a marathon (besides disney world, euro disney, tokyo disney). i'm seriously tempted to register for this, too. :X

so on october 19th, maybe we'll be taking a picture like this:

holy shit. i'm going to run a fucking marathon. i think i've lost my damn mind.


  1. here here to being certifiable! at least we're in good company :)

  2. It's only HALF a marathon. Puh-shaw. You can do that in your sleep!

  3. holy shit! i just noticed the picture! OMG!

  4. Best picture of the marathon by far

  5. Hey, you and I already ran/walked a 5k, remember? I bet your husband remembers the chaffing from his jeans!! :) Hahahah

  6. Good for you! I'm tempted to sign up for something just so I have some accountability to get back into decent shape.

  7. dahahahaha at the photo.

    no fucking way! Finally after much laziness, I'm planning on running it this year w/ my norcal gf.

    Warning: the necklace is tiny.

  8. do you know how hard i laughed today when i read about the danging tiffany prize getting you to run a marathon? i am so ready to hear all about this process....

  9. I was JUST telling Connie that I was planning on running this while I'm up there for my cousin's bridal shower/bach party! I'l sooo pre-party w/all of you!

  10. You all amaze me.

    -- the girl who WAS the last person to be picked for teams in PE class

  11. That picture did me in! I think our picture will involve one or two of us gasping for air or on the ground. OK, maybe that'll just be me. ;)


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