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Monday, March 17, 2008

sista's zillionth birthday celebration

on saturday, we gathered at the folks' house to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday for real. her hub had thrown her a great party the weekend before, but we weren't able to attend, and the folks were in chicago. and my sister is so poopular, she always has more dinners and parties to celebrate her special day than i can count on one hand. birthday month for the birthday princess, indeed.

the bean and i had to leave the hub behind - poor guy. he was stuck with some icky, achy flu-like symptoms and spent the day in bed. i was bummed, because he'd been working so much that i'd hardly seen him all week. i packed up the bean, scooped up the card i'd made for my sister (with a gift card for cheesecake factory inside - food is good), and we were off.

and when we arrived (fashionably late, of course), the eats were all spread out on the counter, all ready to be gobbled up. there were chicken enchiladas, sweet corn cake, salad, plus some appetizers - shrimp cocktail, teriyaki meatballs, crackers. of course, i'd brought a bag of red velvet balls, and my mom had also busted out the torch and made some chocolate creme brulee. dee-lish.

we had fun catching up, chatting, discussing upcoming travel plans (my sis and her hub to italy, my brother and his girlfriend o to the caymans, mom to the homeland, and our spring break trip to nyc), munching, taking pictures. the bean was quite sneezy - she sneezed all over my mom first, and then right as o picked her up for a snuggle. oops.

it was a nice, relaxing evening - it's always so damn difficult to get all of us in the same place at the same time. hell, the last time we'd gathered like this was back in january, for the folks' anniversary! oh, well. hopefully we can do it again soon. um, preferably before 2009, yes?


  1. creme brulee. yum. i know what you mean...my fam's the same way.

  2. You, your mom, and your bean are all so cute together! Awww :) Also love the last picture. Ha.

    On a random note, I totally dig your new haircut.

  3. wowwwww.... you really look like your mumsy!

  4. fun! sad that the hubs couldn't join you guys though :(

  5. Did you say chocolate creme brulee? *drool*

    Oh, and your balls look good too. *snicker*

    Sorry, 12 year old boy snuck out again. :)


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