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Thursday, March 6, 2008

training, day 1

the girls on the marathon team suggested this as sort of a "marathon training for dummies" kinda thing - it's designed to take my ass from its current couch potato status to being able to run a 5K race. so i decided to give it a shot, starting today.

and it's easy, so far. the first week consists of a 5-minute "brisk" walk, and then alternating 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking, for a total of 20 minutes - 3 times a week. it almost seems TOO easy, since i'm used to powering through a good half-hour on the elliptical machine, but the website even says "hold yourself back and don't try to do more, even if you feel like you can."

hey, suuuure! i'm good at following directions. we'll see how it goes. the following weeks get a little trickier and lengthier. i just hope it's cool that i'm doing this on the treadmill vs. going out into the real world. i'm at least using varying inclines throughout this thing. wish me luck.

and here are a few other things that are currently stuck in my nugget:
  • the bean's started babbling (i noticed this on monday night), and she said "mama" yesterday! i swear to you, she did. i tried to capture her doing it again on my cell phone, but i'm not sure you can hear it too well. the ILs came by yesterday and brought me lunch (we were supposed to meet up with them, but the bean fell asleep and i didn't have the heart to wake her up), and she totally performed. and then during a brief quiet moment, she said it again, loud and clear. i have witnesses, people! and even more surprising is the fact that i didn't cry. i'm thinking it's most likely because deep in my brain, i'm fully aware that she's just babbling and finding her voice right now. it was pure luck that her mouth happened to make those beautiful, fabulous noises ;)
  • the kid turns 13 in two months. holy shit. i mean, holy FUCKING shit. it's amazing to me that my little baby is going to be a friggin' teenager in a mere 65 days. anyway, we've asked her what she wants to do to celebrate, and she wants to gather up a bunch of her friends in a limo and go have dinner "somewhere cool, like in hollywood, mom." i'm open to suggestions, folks. every place i think of is more along the lines of a bar (i always think of reese witherspoon in "sweet home alabama" - "you have a baby! in a bar."). 13 - kind of an in-between age that's too young for clubs, but too old for, say, chuck e. cheese. help!
  • i'm on the lookout for something to wear to my client's wedding next month. it's in scottsdale, the ceremony starts at 4:30, and i want to look fabulous but not too fabulous. man, it'll be tough. bwahahahahaha!
and now, i've gotta hit the showers. i have a birthday present to buy for a friend's 3-year-old - which means i can sneak in a couple of things for the bean, too. the hub'll never know. heh.


  1. I started training yesterday and ran 1 mile. I did 1 mile again today. This 1 mile thing is my bestest friend

  2. i'm starting today too! 1 mile of jogging, sandwiched between a warmup and some powerwalking to close it out. wheee!

  3. How 'bout Hollywood Men? I kid, I kid!

  4. You could have her party at Pink Taco (dirtiest name ever) like Victoria Beckham's son. You already have her hair :) I'm just saying.

  5. I was going to say Dave & Buster's, but that's so not Hollywood. :P

    Nothing "cool" is really child-friendly. :/ Maybe a tour of a studio set? Or a concert at a small club? Mani-pedi party with virgin drinks in martini glasses?

    I am not very good at this.

  6. 13? My baby girl will be 17 next Friday! For Ash's 13th I had a party with a DJ - quite the shin dig.
    On a different note - I'm inspired and am going to start walking/jogging/running following your training plan.

  7. Lurker here..
    I am so not in touch w/teenagers but a friend recently had a party for her 13 yo. Granted it was in the mid-West but the girls loved the party. It consisted of a "night out" in a limo w/dinner at a hip restaurant. My friend said the limo was dirt cheap since it was mid week. Perhaps it's too cheesy for an LA kid but thought I'd pass it along.
    PS- I am utterly impressed by you and your OC Nestie buddies doing the marathon thing. Plus it's a great cause. Good for you!

  8. How bout the Ivy! That place always rocks. You can do a day trip to melrose, 3rd street. I don't know if Ed debevicks ( I think thats how you spell it) Is still open and that is always fun Good Luck!

  9. O.M.G I LOVE the couch potato soooooo much. I totally giggled for like 3 minutes straight.

    That's hilarious.. when I'm done with his comment I'm going to go look at it and laugh some more.

    KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!! That plan is seriously perfect and THE BEST way to build up endurance without injury.


    Now off to go giggle some more =)

  10. Love the photo of you and the video of the bean!

    What about Social Hollywood for the kid's bday?


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