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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

omg, omg, OMG

i need to stop whoring for votes.


and why?

well, i just put together a big ass group e-mail with the link and sent it out. and obviously, i've not worked in an office for far too long, because instead of putting the names in the "bcc" field, i cc'd them. oh, but that's nothing compared to the other blunder that's making me cringe so hard i'm almost inside out.

in my contact list, one of my oldest friends is listed right next to one of my ex-bosses from hell.

mm-hmm. you know where this is going.

FUCK. i hope the hub doesn't find out. he will KICK MY ASS.

edit: said ex-boss is an arrogant fucker. he probably won't even open it anyway. hell, i'm praying it lands in his spam folder. send me spam vibes, please.


  1. Sending SPAM vibes!

    Man I hate when things like this happen with emails. I've done this once before at work and boy did I end up shoving my foot in my mouth!

  2. This is definitely your first hiccup as show-biz mom. The show much go on! ;)

  3. oopie!!!! i'm hoping for spam for you. and while you're at it--delete his address!


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