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Friday, March 28, 2008

better than nothing

and definitely better than lawn seats (not by much, though), which is all i could get on the first couple of tries that gave me something more than the dreaded "we couldn't find tickets that matched your request." besides, i told the kid i wouldn't do lawn seats at all - they suck and you might as well skip it at that point.

BUT i could only get two tickets.

here's the sucky part - the hub and i are going to a wedding that night. the kid's BFF's mom was going to take them - and now this means that the two of them will have to go it alone, with the mom dropping off and picking up.

and of course, ten minutes into the presale, they're sold out. i keep trying just in case folks had tickets on their screen and timed out, but not so much.

shit. but i bet i can find some on ebay or something. of course, this means they won't be together, and they'll be way more expensive than face value.

fuckity fuck shit hell fuck.


  1. Are they really old enough to be going by themselves?

  2. And by the way, you're seriously the coolest mom ever.

  3. Definitely better than nothing! You gave it your all. Ditto winnie: coolest mom ever.

  4. oK.... lawn tickets aren't so bad if you're dragged to a concert you really didn't want to be at AND really could care less where you're at AND want to do (ahem) illegal things while at the concert.

    Bummer about the seats... but I bet the kid doesn't mind (so much) :)

  5. Sounds like SOMEONE'S going to be calling a radio station an awful lot...

  6. the lawn is great for napping. i learned that at coachella a few years back.

  7. I have to third that you are the coolest mom ever for trying so hard to get these tix.


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