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Monday, March 3, 2008

spring forward

for some reason, the bean is cornfuzzled about the time change. she seems to have taken it upon herself to move it up a week.

yesterday, she was up at the crack o'6:15. um, child, this is over an hour earlier than your normal wake-up time. it is not play time, as cute as your gurgling and giggling is. anyway, i dozed on and off for another 45 minutes or so before i finally gave up, dragged my groggy ass up, played with her for a while, and then gave her a bath.

this crazy looking thing, btw, is a godsend. it fits right over the faucet in the bathtub and diverts the water into a nice cascade that makes it oh-so-easy to wash the bean's locks. i may not even need the stupid bath seat anymore that i STILL haven't found. whee!

anyway, after church, i left the bean with the hub and headed off to the train station to meet up with some of the SFAMily and a group of o.c. nesties to cheer on our marathoners. stay tuned for a more detailed, photographically-enhanced recap.

when i got home, i was pleased to hear that she'd been very good for her daddy, who was a bit under the weather (nothing contagious, come on now). they'd walked the mall, he'd managed to grab lunch, and get all the way home - with her snoozing peacefully in her seat. and she actually went through the bottle i'd prepared, and more. this is wonderful, considering we'd had problems with her not wanting the bottles we'd been giving her in the past. all it took was switching out the bottles (and nipples) and voila! easy afternoons away from that crazy ol' mommy person who's in her face damn near 24/7.

and then this morning, 6:45 came and guess what? yup. wide awake bean. oy.
thank goodness for next sunday's time change. i guess we'll just be making our adjustment a little early.


  1. I am SO not looking forward to next Sunday. I wish we could put it off for another month. I can't imagine making it come earlier. The bean is not as bright as I thought.....

  2. i'm glad daddy and the bean played well together yesterday. i'm so glad you were able to make the trip out to cheer on the girls yesterday :)

    i adore my sleep -- i'm thinking i would be quite cranky if someone randomly decided to cut out an hour of it each day before the clocks say we have too :/

  3. crap! it's spring forward time already?

    i need another month or so before losing that hour. :P

  4. Yahoo, the bottle switch worked!! Let me just say-I am a genius!

    No, no, no, I refuse to acknowledge the time change

  5. What time change? Spring forward a what? I refuse to accept it.

  6. I'm so happy she was good for daddy. :) And this time change makes me simultaneously sad and angry. :/


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