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Saturday, March 1, 2008

five. stinking. weeks.

that's how long it's been since i got my fab new 'do. and yesterday, as i was getting ready for the day, i realized it'd grown out and i was looking pretty damn shaggy. those prenatal vitamins i'm still taking are great - they make my hair and nails really strong, and they grow fast, too. normally, this is a bonus - but when you're trying to maintain a short hairstyle, it kinda backfires. and since i'd never had a short 'do that i actually liked before, i always just grew it back out.

so i got right on the phone to my new favorite stylist, rochelle, and made an appointment right away. i was pretty thrilled that she was actually available - although i did go with a nice, early time - 9 a.m.

i got up this morning at 8, hopped in the shower, and had enough time to make a bottle for the bean and load the dishwasher before taking off for d'eletto salon - luckily, only two minutes away from home. i love that.

rochelle gave me a big hug, gave me a lovely compliment on my appearance (it was one of my rare mornings that i wasn't hiding behind a car seat), walked me to her station, and got down to business.

and as she washed my hair, she remembered that she had something to tell me. she's just so cute and funny - she grinned like the cheshire cat and her eyes totally lit up in excitement. anyway, it seems that she had a new client come in a few weeks ago who told her that she'd read about her here. i asked her if she remembered the girl's name, and she whipped her book right out and gave it to me. now, i didn't recognize the name, nor have i seen any comments with that name, but if you're reading this, you should know that i was totally giddy over this. ha! i'm such a nerd.

rochelle also mentioned that this reader wanted to contact me to thank me for the recommendation (she loved rochelle, because really, who wouldn't?), but "she didn't want to look like a stalker." hee! come out, come out, wherever you are! it's totally okay - it's a blog on the internet that's not set to "private." ;)

anyway, she talked me into taking the cut a little further - a bit more asymmetrical, with some shorter, choppy layers in the back. well, hell, we already know it'll grow back - and fast. so i went for it - and i totally love it.

yes, i'm wearing my tee from wicked. yup, it's totally pink, and a little sparkly. mm-hmm, it's adorned with the word "popular." and, YES, i took a picture of myself in the car. shut up.

anyway, i'll be making another appointment for another maintenance cut in, oh, about five weeks - just before we take off for NYC! yippee! and if you, like my dear lurker, want to see rochelle for your own fabulous new 'do, call d'eletto salon - 626.335.0889.

yeah, i'm totally plugging her. that's something i don't really do, but that's how much i love her. really!


  1. I really hope the Rochelle fan delurks.

    I find it far more stalkerish that she isn't "out."

  2. I was about to post the same thing as WeeMo, it's creepier when people don't post that they're stalking you.

  3. ditto the above two. now i'm thinking i really need to schedule regular visits to see rochelle/my in-laws.

  4. well, this explains a lot. when i saw you today i was thinking that the hair didn't look shaggy at all. and now i know why :)

  5. I'm the lurker. :)

    Sorry I didn't come out sooner. I really didn't want to freak you out, so I just didn't say anything. But yeah, I got my cut a few weeks ago, and LOVE it. I've never had a short style that I actually liked. So thanks for your rec. I told Rochelle that I read your rec here (and on Yelp, actually, when I was searching for hair places in my area), and she told me that I should totally tell you. I'm pretty shy, though, so I didn't. Sorry it took so long for me to say say hi.

    Btw, if it matters, I'm a friend of someone that Lilcee knows. Was never active on The Knot, but active on a Chinese wedding planning board, if that helps at all. :)

  6. I dig the 'do and I dig the de-lurking! Yay!! Still so wish she wasn't so far away.


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