Friday, March 7, 2008

the life of a true rock star

last night, while the hub was away on a business trip, i went here:

and i ate this:

i must've looked like the messy-marvin type, because inside the bag was this:

heh. and then i gave the bean a bath.

and that was my exciting thursday night.


  1. That sandwich is calling my name. Shhh....listen....can you hear it?

    *R...R...come and get me...*

  2. ooh, whenever my boyfriend leaves town, i order dominos (you're not supposed to do that in brooklyn) and just pig out. i even dip it in ranch dressing, just like we did back in carolina!

    so, i get your sandwich. mmm...

  3. And you say bathrobes are useless for babies . . .


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