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Friday, March 28, 2008

t-minus 16 minutes

till those pesky wango tango tickets go on presale. the kid is absolutely counting on me, and i'm feeling the pressure. prices range from $40 to $200, and i'm shooting for 4 of the best available. hang the cost!

shake it off, shake it off.

[jogging in place and taking a long sip of mocha joe]

[stretching arms, bending at the waist, flexing fingers]

whoo! i'm ready. i'm logged in to ticketbastard. i've got the page open and the presale password written in sharpie on a fluorescent pink post-it.

[double-checking credit card info]

i'm ready. bring it on.


  1. Good luck! I hate ticketbastard...

  2. And?

    Did you get 'em?

    Huh? Huh?
    [crossing fingers for the kid]

  3. The question is...do you have Explorer, Firefox, and Safari open with three different accounts?

    'Cause really that's the only way to go.


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