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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

bad, bad dog!

well, okay, not really. read on:

i left the bean with the hub on friday while i went out for bunco with the girls. and although he's great with her, he often calls for reinforcement when it's just the two of them. so his parents, his grandparents, and his brother all came over for the evening.

okay, actually, he just hadn't seen them in a while and he missed them. heh. i actually see his family more than he does - wednesdays are practically a standing lunch day for me and his mom. the bean always gives her a big grin when she walks in the door.

anyway, at some point, his grandfather got a call on his cell that he had to take. he pulled out his hearing aid, set it on the arm of the couch, and went outside for better reception.

you can see where this is going, can't you?

mm-hmmm. molly found it, decided it had to be a snack for her, and went to town. and then scurried off to her hiding place.

a $1500 hearing aid, in 2084570893475 pieces. and yet, it wasn't her fault! she's a dog. as the kid put it when i told her the story, "that was a tard move, mom."

it's probably mean (and a good thing that the g-parents weren't around) that i couldn't stop laughing when i got home and saw this on the kitchen counter:

and the hub felt so bad, he offered to pay for a replacement. i said "damn, doesn't he have another one?" he looked at me sideways and said "um, yeah. for the other ear."

but then his grandfather called yesterday and told him that he was going to see if their homeowner's insurance might cover it. so i swept the pieces into a baggie and dropped it off at their house.



  1. I can hear you laughing from here.
    But grandpa can't.

    The word verification is "madtjt." I thought it was "madtit."

  2. oh dear. funny and not at the same time.

  3. OK I was already giggly and Weemo's comment just sealed the deal for me.

    <---- LOL!

  4. I was heartbroken when Ringo ate my wedding shoes. But he can't tell the difference between my beautiful blue Cole Haans and his blue cuz. I was mad at the hubs who was sitting in the other room at the time ignoring the dog.

  5. That is something that my dog would totally do. Jack's most recent "accomplishment" was to use a purple pen as a chew toy while left alone. Yep, there are now two purplish splotches on my beige living room carpet.

  6. How wrong is it that I'm giggling at your story and the monkey's comment?

  7. wowww... that's a lot of little pieces. what is appealing about a hearing aid to a dog??

  8. Oh man. It's wrong that I laughed. But I'm laughing. :)


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