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Saturday, March 29, 2008


so yesterday was quite a productive day for me. whee!
  • finished up week 3 of the couch to 5K program. i struggled with the parts where i had to jog/run for 3 minutes straight, but i got through it. i'm a little afraid of next week, when it bumps up to intervals of 5 minutes. eek.
  • managed to buy two tickets for the kid to finally go to wango tango. she's wanted to go every year, but never has. and this year, miley cyrus AND the jo-bros are headlining. it was a no-brainer. we're calling it part of her birthday present. heh. and i had to give myself a reminder about the stupid presale keyword. i was so discombobulated from the pressure of getting through for tickets, i knew i'd need it right in front of me. lame-o, that's me.
  • finally completed the invitation order i'd been working on, packed up and mailed out. i really hope the bride and groom love these - i poured a lot of hours and effort into them. cross your fingers.
  • found cardstock in almost the right color for another client's place cards. almost is good enough - it'll be dark and the difference of maybe one and a half shades won't be noticeable. i hope.
  • took the bean to her gymboree class. she was tired and wailed all the way there, but once i got her inside, she realized where she was and was all smiles. i love that she loves it and recognizes it now. not to mention, she falls into the sleep of the dead when it's over. sensory overload at its best.
  • voted about a zillion times. you know what i mean. and even better - no more eye blockers (the monkey's right - it's kind of silly now)!
  • cleared a crapload of shit off the dining table that's been sitting there for ages and ages. the hub was on the verge of just dumping it all into a trash can, so i figured i'd better do something about it before he did.
  • brainstormed on birthday gift ideas for the hub. it's next week and it'd registered in my head that it was coming soon, but the procrastinator in me kept putting off actually putting something together. i swear, he's the hardest person on the planet to buy for. i asked him what he wanted, and all i got was the same response from christmas: "peace on earth, babe. peace on earth." shit.
  • had dinner with the ILs at north woods inn. yummy - salad with their house dressing, fabulous cheese bread, a hunk of perfectly cooked meat, and baked potato with gravy. all that was missing was bacon to make it perfect.
  • i forgot to show off my two new books that i picked up at the kid's school the other night. they always time the book fair to coincide with either back-to-school night or open house, so i end up totally suckered into a nice long list of books for the kid. although that's a little harsh, because i always encourage her to read - whether it's for her english class book report, a magazine, or a book about her beloved jo-bros. and i never turn down a request from her for books for that very reason. anyway, this is a fun book that gives you the best and worst options at all sorts of restaurants:

and this one is a great book of dessert recipes that make my mouth water. chocolate caramel-pecan souffle cake, anyone?

funny, i just realized that these books are absolutely contradictory of each other. heh.


  1. yummmm....love north woods!

    the pic of the bean is too adorable! yay for no more eye blockers!

  2. I've been voting on and off too :) Let me know when we're going full force on voting.

    Speaking of that pile of mystery things on the dining table -- we literally moved our pile from LA to Virginia. It's STILL sitting there staring at me waiting to be put away some day . . .

    The bean is even more adorable without the bar! This picture is even cuter than the one on the voting page :)

    I think the best things my parents did for me were encouraging me to read and play on the computer.

    This comment is getting really really long. I shall go back to my own blog now.

  3. Suggestion for the future:

    When I can't get great tickets from the presale, I don't buy them. I just buy during the regular sale. The presale actually has far fewer tickets available, and the regular sale will have a greater number of good tickets.

  4. i struggled through the 3 minute straight runs, too.

  5. i bet she is thrilled about the tickets. :)

  6. D and I went through that book when we were at Costco. I wanted to buy it but wish they have more food in there.


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