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Monday, March 24, 2008

bonding, bunny, and...pasta

my mom finally made the trek up to our house for a visit, squeezing us in before heading off with my gram and aunts to get foot massages and get their eat on. yes, it runs in the family. does that surprise you?

the hub took off to help his dad and his brother run an errand way out in BFE, so we had the house all to ourselves. so we sat and chatted and giggled for a couple of hours, while we waited for the bean to wake up and play. and then my mom took off, along with a couple of bags full of lemons and avocados she'd picked from our yard. i totally teased her for grocery shopping in our back yard. heh.

i'd realized the night before that i'd completely overlooked taking the bean to see the easter bunny. okay, the easter bunny is lame as hell. and totally creepy looking (well, some of them, at least). but it was her first easter, so i packed her up and headed out to the mall, hoping the line wouldn't be ridiculously long on the day before easter - the very last chance for pics with the stupid bunny.

and of course, when we got there, the bunny was out to lunch. meh. there were about 3 families in front of us in line and really only about 10 minutes to kill, so we wheeled into the disneyland-like line and waited.

and that fucking bunny was obviously enjoying his carrots, because he kept us waiting for an extra ten minutes. the kids were getting restless, the parents were all fidgety, and the girls at the cashier kept telling us "he's coming, he's coming, i promise!" and amazingly enough, he finally appeared upstairs, waiting for the elevator. why he couldn't just go down the escalator is beyond me.

happily, my luck didn't run out, the bean wasn't terrified nor traumatized, and we got her picture and hopped right on out of the mall. it was packed, and i lacked the patience to maneuver around a zillion people and other strollers. ha!

we stopped to pick up the kid from her BFF's house and then headed home to meet up with the hub. we were going out to northridge to meet up with my brother and o for a lovely dinner of pizza and pasta at chi chi's - the kid's and my favorite place for pasta. mmm, buttery, meaty goodness.

after dinner, we chatted for a while outside in the parking lot. it had been a warm day, which turned into a really lovely, perfect spring night. we talked about their upcoming graduation, the kid's birthday plans, and then we made fun of the hub, who decided to make a deposit at the drive-thru atm in the parking lot.

one last picture, and then we headed home.

another fun saturday, done! and i couldn't wait to wake up the next morning and pop open a coke. ahhhh, the end of lent.


  1. As a former mascot I'll tell ya why that bunny didn't take the escalators - it's hard to see out of those damn masks and they probably didn't want to risk falling down those moving stairs! Can you imagine the horror on kids' faces as the Easter bunny comes tumbling down, potentially losing its head and ruining the "magic"? Man, tears galore!


  2. well, yeah - although he came down with TWO assistants clearing the way and acting as his eyes and ears. ;)

  3. Oh, well, in that case - LAZY BUNNY! What a freakin' diva! Heh, heh.

  4. Ok, "that fucking bunny" just killed me.

  5. i totally shop for citrus fruit in my in-laws' backyard.

    you so should have taken the bean to the bunny when we were at the grove. just sayin'!

    "enjoying his carrots..." dead

  6. The bunny IS kinda creepy!! At least the bean is adorable, as always.

  7. I really can't handle costume characters. They freak me out completely.

    And where I'm from? Chi-chis is a "Mexican" restaurant. It's sit-down, but only a step above Taco Bell.

  8. Oh my gosh! Chi Chi's is like our family's restraunt. Any get-togethers on my dad's side of the family take place at Chi Chi's. We get their cheese pizza and garlic bread well done. Aw, I'm glad you guys go there too.

  9. that bunny isn't nearly as scary as some of them. that is awesome that your mom came to visit, too! yay!


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