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Sunday, March 16, 2008

a tale of bunco

picking up from last week - my balls were all wrong.
nanette to the rescue! i damn near broke out into song.
"not enough chocolate. re-roll those balls by hand!"
i listened and learned, and the results were quite grand.

so i loaded my tray of precious balls into the car
and hoped that they'd make it - i had to drive quite far.

i cursed the friday traffic and thanked god for my navi

but i'd printed a map out too, because i am just so savvy.

then into
tater's narrow one-car garage i squeezed
no issues with parking! i was really quite pleased.

we sat down to wait for the others to arrive

and soon we were ready to continue our drive.

as we headed down the 405, we laughed and chattered

running oh, SO late, but we pretended it didn't matter.

tater gave the security guard her name and he let us in

right through the gates of coto, where none of us had been.

inside the house, there were hugs, greetings, and snacks
everyone was happy and excited, so it was easy to relax.

"jibbitz", the monkey, and diane showed off their fun shoes
while tater slipped off to find herself some booze.

a tour of the house, a little munching, and meeting their pet
then we split off into groups of four, and we were all set.
sarah and kim tried their best to explain to us the rules

but we were so loud and rambunctious, just acting like fools.

diane got lucky - rolled a bunco and won a fun prize
out of the bag came some "pees" - she couldn't believe her eyes.

we tried to explain that she was forgetting a "p"
but she was over the moon, so we just let her be.

poor aline got stuck all alone with her wine
but she was double-fistin' it, so she was just fine.

and she ended up stuck with the DOG on her team

heh. she was screwed, or so it would seem.

when the game was over there was no clear winner
.and my portion of the prize fell short of buying me dinner.

the monkey and jess got a part of it too
nessdog took home a silly toy that went poo.

of course, we gathered to snap a group shot
aren't we cute? aren't you thinking "hey, that's hot!"

then a round of hugs, some laughs, and squeals of delight
and that was the end of our o.c. bunco night.


  1. best rhyming recap ever. 'twas fab to see you so much this weekend. :)

  2. You're a poet!
    We didn't even know it!

    I puffy <3 this recap!

  3. Most excellent. Please email me full-sized group pic and pic of me and Jess. Please! Thank you. :)

  4. ah, sounds like a fun night. busy busy weekend for you, huh?

  5. Best Recap ever!!

    Yey for good weather?!?

    Sorry no luck with a rhyming comment =/

  6. I can't believe you rhymed it. Fabulous! And I love the shot of all the Bunco Babes. ;)


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