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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


i just looked at today's date and realized that it's the 21st anniversary of when the ex and i first got together.

yes, i said 21st.

holy shit. but as much hell as i went through with him over the 12 years we spent together, i still wouldn't change a thing. because, of course, i came away with quite a lovely prize: the kid.

but still. ew.

you should SEE the face i'm making right now. [shudder]


  1. Old people are a drag!

  2. 21 years = you need a stiff drink!

  3. when you and the ex got together, i don't know if i was even in school yet. ;)

    you and your wanniversaries...

  4. How do you keep track of so many wanniversary dates in your head? I can't even remember most of my family's birthdays.

  5. :/

    i think i'd delete that one from the brain ;)

  6. Ewww...
    wait this reminded me that it's my anniversary of when I met MY ex on the 13th (23 years). Double Ew!


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