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Friday, February 29, 2008

slightly sinful?

so mcdonald's is giving away free mcskillet burritos today and tomorrow to celebrate "leap day." and i seem to be addicted to fast food breakfast these days - it's easier than busting out pans and shit to make eggs and things just for me. anyway, i bypassed the freebie and went for my usual sausage mcmuffin instead. of course, i got the iced coffee and the combo came with a hash brown.

do hash browns even COUNT as french fries? because i ate it, but now i feel like i totally sinned (having given up fries for lent and all). and before i get chastised for the sausage, i don't follow the "no meat on fridays" thing - that's a catholic practice.

[shrug] oh, well. it was yummy. i didn't swear off potatoes altogether anyway - i made potatoes au gratin last night with the bbq pork ribs, and ate lots of those. i still haven't (and won't) crack on the coke sacrifice, so i doubt that i'll get struck down by lightning or something.

i think it's time to cut the bean's nails again. we were playing in bed this morning and she cackled, reached out to touch my face, and scratched the hell outta my nose. ow.

and i need a fucking dog whisperer or something. i swear, i love my molly to death, but lately she has been pissing me off - quite literally. she's paper trained, so she knows where she's supposed to go when she needs to relieve herself. she KNOWS this. it actually cracks me up because she always waits till she's alone before she goes potty - like she needs privacy or something. but since the bean was born, she's been pissing all over the fucking place. luckily, the sunroom she spends the day in has tile vs. carpet, but it's still not okay, dammit! we come home to find a damn lake of pee right by the door. the damn dog pisses a fucking gallon, it seems. and then we have to bust out the paper towels, the clorox clean-up spray, and a brush to scrub the damn floor.

i realize she's most likely jealous (although she doesn't take it out on the bean herself, thank goodness), but we've been making an extra effort to give her love and cuddles and pet her and everything, and she still does it. and last week, i came home to lake pee-pee, found her in a corner, and when i reached out to her, the bitch snapped at me. she actually caught my thumb and managed to get a nibble out of it. i was so pissed off, i thought i was going to explode. ugh. but i can never be mad for too long at this face. seriously, how could i?

here's another picture i always go to whenever i need a good laugh. i think i caught her mid-sneeze.

bwahahahaha! oh man, gets me every time.

i was looking through my iPhoto library last night and totally cracked up at this picture (this is coming home from the hospital):

she's so freaking tiny! look at how her socks don't even fit her - and i just took those out of her closet to give away, because now her little ankles are so chubby that they cut off her circulation. so sad - i love those socks. and my little bean has CANKLES! for comparison, check out how big she is now.

i'm giggling at her little toe sticking out of her PJs. ha!

every time i have to go up a size in diapers, or have to pack away clothes she's grown out of and pull out stuff in the next size up, i get a little melancholy. she's just growing so stinking fast, and while i'm totally excited and proud whenever she learns a new skill or something, i want to burst into tears at how quickly the time is going by. [sigh]

shit. i'm getting all emo and stuff. shake it off, shake it off. maybe it's time to go "talk" to some brides on the knot's p&e board. that always makes me all feisty and stuff.


  1. too cute. sorry to hear about molly acting up. that totally sucks. mom's dog does that when mom's traveling too often, too.

  2. i'm sad about the socks :(

    no advice about molly, but i'd be pissed off too!

  3. Personally, I go for the sausage buscuits (although not anymore) and I think hash browns are totally legal! Thanks for letting me live vicariously.

    re: bean pictures. So. Much. Hair. I think I was bald until I was 2 and a half

  4. 1) Hash browns are definitely NOT french fries.

    2) Did you see my joking response to Nanners' joke yesterday? Honestly, maybe you should get your pup checked to make sure there's nothing medically wrong with her. Changes in behavior (both peeing and snapping) could be something more serious.

  5. Do you need me come over and cut that girls nails? oh and dont pick at that scratch/scab...I know you want to! :)

    hash browns definately not fries! ummm, hash browns Gooooooooodddddd!

  6. hi love. so sorry about your molly troubles. my first thought was that perhaps she is having a medical problem and can't hold it? most likely it's jealousy but maybe you should take her to the vet. our little neurotic mollys... i wish we could have a playdate. :)

  7. Molly totally would have gotten that ass whooped in my house. ;) Bean is growing up so fast! I just looked at her newborn pic in my cell phone and couldn't believe that was the same sleeping baby in my arms from a couple weeks ago.

  8. We don't have those in our country's McDonalds. We do have spaghetti though.

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  9. We don't have those in our country's McDonalds. We do have spaghetti though.

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