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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i'm wan-nabe, and i approve this message.

how sick are y'all of these commercials? okay, i don't really mind the ads themselves, but that stupid tagline that the candidate is apparently required to say at the end is stupid. stoooooopid.

although i won't lie - i'm pretty excited that all the ads for the initiatives and crap are going to end after today. every other commercial is one of these, and all they ever do is confuse me thoroughly. i don't even know which way is up with these things. and yes, i'm fully aware that the candidate ads will continue all the way through election day. i'm already resigned to it.

anyway, in other news...

the bean is finally strong enough to hold herself up in her bumbo seat! i know, it's a dumb ass name, and it was fun watching the monkey's face at one of my baby showers as she tried to figure out what in the hell this thing was for. so, here:

i was working like mad on those invitations yesterday, and the day-long nap i'd hoped for after the bean's vaccinations didn't happen. not so much. she slept a little here and there, but for the most part she was as bright and cheerful as always, which is, of course, wonderful and fun to watch. but this little shit gets bored really easily! i kept having to move her from her bouncy seat to a blanket on the floor to the s&m carrier to a blanket on the table.

but i'm more than half done with the invitations! all i need to do now is to make the green sash that goes around the box. i'm also going to print the addresses right on that sash, wrap it around, and mail it out. i e-mailed my client these pictures last night, and she's pretty damn excited. yippee!!

the RSVP card/envelope and directions insert are attached to the inside of the lid with a green ribbon band. i've gotta remember to bust out the "good" camera to get better pics of these for the ol' portfolio.

oh, the kid absolutely cracked me up the other day. confession: i love barry manilow. i do. i don't care what you say. it's mostly a sentimental thing - my mom was a big "fanilow" (i can hardly type that without cracking the eff up) in the 70s, and so i heard a whole lotta barry back in the day. although i guess that doesn't really explain my collection of greatest hits CDs - volumes 1 through 3, folks. and that i can sing along to damn near every song. heh.

anyway, we saw a commercial for barry's upcoming shows in town this weekend. and she always makes fun of my love for barry - she calls him "barry manigow." so she said to me "well, mom, since you're taking me to see the jonas brothers, i'll go with you to see barry manigow."

bwahahahahaha! as IF i would subject her to that. i can find a way to have fun at her teenybopper concerts, but i just can't imagine dragging her to a show that'll be filled with screaming baby boomers. hell, that would be torture for ME. but i sure did love her for the offer - and even more so because she actually meant it. heh.

speaking of the kid, it's minimum day again today, so i'm off to pick her up. i wonder what she's going to want for lunch. i hope it's something good!


  1. You are a nice mom - I subjected my daughter to Rick Springfield when he came to the county fair. I was on the chair dancing and she had her head down and fingers in her ears...

  2. Those invites remind me so much of my own...the colors anyway.

    Yay for no more indian gaming talk!

  3. Oh shit! You're a Fanilow?! Bwahaha! I love it. This trumps my Girls Next Door Workout Video for sure. ;)

    How sweet was the kid's offer? You should take her up on it. Hee hee.

    Can't wait to see the finished product for the invitations. They look great so far.

  4. I'm The Monkey, and I do not approve of the name of that mysterious baby item contained in a hexagonal box with a slit in it.

  5. You love the "man-ilow" himself huh?
    Too funny :)

  6. Seriously, who names these baby products!?

  7. so you can get tix to see maniglow for as low as $9.99. the kid could even treat you!

  8. those invites are so purtty! nice work, as always ;)

    wow, i'm shocked she actually volunteered to go with you. i think she's a keeper!

  9. The invites came out so pretty.

    Fanilow. bwahahahahaha...

  10. *raising hand* Hi, I'm Bubbles, and I'm a fani-low.

    Those invites are bee-yoo-tee-full! Love the colors!


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