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Sunday, February 10, 2008

i have no clever title for this long ass post.

but hey, it was quite a fun weekend - lots of fun, sleep, and shopping!

we all slept in on saturday morning, which was lovely. even the bean! and then the kid and i remembered our 10:00 appointment to get our brows done - about a week overdue, as the hub was quick to point out at dinner the night before. have i ever mentioned wanting to smack him upside the head before? heh.

so we took the bean with us, who slept through the brow snatching and the errands we ran afterwards - boring crap like picking up mail and dry cleaning. blah. and then we stopped at home, scooped up the hub and headed to the local verizon store, for the kid's most favorite errand of all - upgrading her phone. whee!

earlier, she'd absolutely begged me to take her and BFF to see the 3D hannah montana concert movie, so after dropping the hub back off at home (duh, like he was going to go to THAT), we raced down the freeway to get there in time for the 3:00 matinee show.

we pulled into the parking garage at 2:50. and remember this was saturday afternoon - practically rush hour at the mall, right? riiiight. so i was following this car that was really pissing me off - i certainly don't mind the parking lot-stalkers, because i'm no stranger to that dance - but the driver was being an asshole, crawling at a 2 mph pace right. in. the. middle. at the very least, you could be considerate enough to pull over to the side and let others pass you. but noooooo.

and when she found her victim, she'd almost driven past their car, and immediately threw her ugly ass jalopy in reverse. i honked, motioned for her to scoot over, and shook my head - not to steal her precious parking spot, but to get her to move over a bit so i could just go around her. she finally got it and pulled over ever-so-slightly, and i could at last pass her.

and as i squeeze by, what does that bitch ass twat do?

she totally flipped me off, just like that (only she was asian), old-lady style. ugh. two and a half kids in the car and i have to put up with this kind of shit for a parking spot?? fuckin' A.

so at last, we get to the ticket window and it turns out that there's no such thing as a "matinee" for this particular movie. oh, no. it was originally supposed to be a limited release - running for only one week - but it sold out for every showing and made some ridiculous amount of cash with demand still on high. so disney being disney, they decided to release it for a longer run. to the tune of $15 per ticket. mm-hmmm. i coughed up the cash and handed the kid some more for snacks, and they ran off happily to collect their 3D glasses.

i stopped at lollicup to scoop up a nice almond milk tea drink with boba and immediately felt better. plus, i was at the mall with cold hard cash from the hub AND a 20% off coupon for gymboree. does it GET any better? well, yes. yes, it does.

a stop at baby gap resulted in this for the bean:

and then these from gymboree: baby gap and gymboree are like crack for me. i could spend gobs of cash in there, if i could get away with it.

next, i decided to hit up nordstrom to see if i could find the joe's jeans i'd been eyeing. i still had store credit from returning the paige premiums i got for christmas that didn't fit just right, and joe's was a brand i hadn't yet tried. out of habit, i stopped in the shoe section first, and managed to find a pair of steve madden flats on sale for $35.

um, and they came in brown AND black. yeah. let's just say that i got two pairs of shoes for the price of one ;)

and those jeans? found 'em. they're being altered and i get to pick them up on thursYAY! it was quite a successful day at the mall, indeed. and as expected, the kid slept over at BFF's. the weekend isn't complete if there isn't at least one sleepover.

today we managed to sleep right through all three church services. oops. and so the entire day was a blur - brought the girls some food from carl's jr. (after waiting a full 15 minutes at the drive-thru - i've got to remember to call and complain about that one), had lunch at sushi roku (baked crab rolls are still the best thing on the planet, period), made a quick pitstop at paper source, got the hub's hairs cut, and then hung out at home a bit before going out to chipotle for dinner. this was only my 3rd meal from chipotle, and i think i'm addicted. i actually think i like it better than *gasp* baja fresh! wowzers.

and in the car, the kid hooked up her iPod and turned on some jonas brothers tunes. when one of the slow songs came on, i said to the hub "she says this is going to be her wedding song. gee, i sure hope her husband likes it as much as she does."

she hesitated for about a millisecond, and then my quick-witted, wonderfully brilliant daughter said "he already does. he wrote it."

i fell out. i tell you, i thought i was going to pee my pants. i'm so glad she didn't inherit my tendency to come up with great lines/comebacks when it's about a day too late. man, i love that kid.


  1. love every bit on randomness in this post.

  2. the dresses for the bean are so damn cute. ditto for your shoes. ;)

    and the kid, well, she made me laugh too!

  3. I heart this post. The kid is too funny (and the pic of her next to the movie poster is too cute)! Yay for a fun, relaxing weekend!

  4. You are seriously a better person than me. Once I saw the finger go up I would have backed myself up and blocked her spot.

  5. 1. I heart the photo of your kid.
    2. That dress from the Gap is so damn cute! I must find them for my nieces.
    3. I need some new shoes and jeans too. Well ok, I don't *need* them. But still.
    4. Your kid cracks me up. That's a really good comeback :)
    5. As much as I enjoy (occasionally) watching Hannah Montana on Saturday mornings (shut up), I don't know if I can sit through an entire concert. You're a saint.

  6. $15? Rat bastards.

    Sweet comeback from the kid.:)

  7. Do they make those dresses in my sizes??? CUTE!

    And I love her comeback. Hi-freakin-larious!

  8. It's so wrong that I think those dresses are so cute.

    Your kid cracks me up.

  9. There is so much to say...the baby dresses that should be turned into adult dresses, the shoes with bows (my absolute fav), Chipotle - I agree it's better than Baja, and the kids comment - hysterical! Your posts always crack me up. Oh, forgot to mention that eyebrow pic...lol!!


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