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Friday, February 8, 2008

bathtime IS fun.

yippee!! the bean likes the bath at last!

she was the only baby i'd ever known who screamed all the way through bathtime. absolutely
hated it. i even conned the hub into giving her a bath once, thinking that maybe it was something i was doing. but no - she wailed the entire time, and it's evil, but i was secretly pleased to see that it WASN'T me. so i'd been taking her into the shower with me - for some unknown reason, she seemed to like being in the shower better. maybe it was the snuggling time we got in there. but i was always so terrified of dropping that slippery little thing, even though it was lovely to hold her close in the warm water.

so yesterday, i decided that it was time to give it a shot again. i undressed her and put her bathrobe on (i know, it seems ridiculous to have a bathrobe for an infant, but we got not one, but two of these things at the showers), plopped her into the bumbo seat, and ran the water. i hadn't showered yet and had an extra towel ready, just in case i needed to do the shower thing again.

i picked her up, sent up a prayer, and cautiously put her in the tub, talking to her and smiling the whole time. and wonder of wonders, she smiled back! it was lovely. we washed her hair, scrubbed behind her ears, and played with some bath toys i'd fished out of the closet. yee-haw!

see how happy she was? awwwwww. but she was so squirmy and wiggly in that bathtub, and she isn't able to sit up by herself yet, so it was quite a challenge trying to hold her and get her clean at the same time. i asked her if she wanted to go shopping for a bath seat, and i got smiles and gurgles in response. i took that as a yes and jumped into the shower to get ready.

babies r'us, here we come!

i managed to find some fun toys for her swing, a couple of new bottles (the ILs are coming to babysit tonight when we go see "wicked"), and a fun activity gym. but no stinking bath seat. WTF? there was one, but it wasn't what i had in mind. boo.

and as i surf online, i've come to the conclusion that the bath ring i wanted doesn't exist anymore. i can't find the effing thing. i may have to return to BRU and settle for the one i passed up after all. poop.

happy birthday to my dear cousin - he doesn't read this blog, but i'm gonna give him the shout-out anyway. that's just how i roll.


  1. Crap, I give all my girlfriends bathrobes for their babies because I think they're stinkin cute. Guess I'll have to re-think my gift giving.

  2. [singing]
    rubber ducky, you're the one!
    you make bathtime, so much fun!

    cute. bosswoman found something she likes for baby baths at babystyle. no idea if it's what you're looking for, though.

  3. Can't you sit her in the Bumbo seat in the bath?

    (Please note this is coming from a non-mother)

  4. cagequeen, please don't let my sarcasm stop you from buying the bathrobes - as you can see, i DO use it ;)

    tater, i'll have to look. i loves me some babystyle!

    laura, i thought of that too - too late. heh. i might give it a try next bathtime, if i don't find what i want.

  5. I can't take the cuteness that is your daughter. It's too cute!!! I want to pinch the computer's cheeks.

  6. I love the song tater posted. It was a favorite of mine growing up.

    Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of you!

    The bath ring doesn't exist anymore? Man, I am waaaay out of the mommy loop on stuff now. Wow.

  7. Awwwww, goodness The Bean is cute! I love those Bumbo seats.

  8. I really wanted to get our niece a baby bathrobe but my husband shot down the idea. So what if it's not practical . . . it's so cute.

  9. The Bean is so cute!! Have fun at Wicked!

  10. really, these posts need to stop...my ovaries are aching!

  11. I think I know what you're talking about... it has suction cups on the bottom right? Are they considered dangerous now like the walkers our moms put us in?!

  12. I was a shower baby - I never asked my parents if it was because I didn't like the bath. I assumed it was just easier for them.

    Enjoy Wicked! I'm crossing my fingers you have the same Elphaba (understudy) that we had on Tuesday - she was incredible.

  13. have i ever told you how cute the bean is? no? well, she is. ;)


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