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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

starry-eyed stage mom

today, i'm going through pictures of the bean.

not for albums. and not for her baby book. oh, no. i'm trying to pick a few of the very best ones to submit to modeling agencies.

that's right, folks. i wan-nabe a stage mom. bwahahahahaha! well, sort of.

taking her to that casting call a couple of months ago (which, not surprisingly, didn't pan out - i like to think it was mostly because of her sleepiness due to the shots she'd gotten earlier that day) took me back to the days when the kid was signed with a baby modeling agency. she had pro headshots and errrrrrythang. so damn cute. i'll have to find some to scan and share some day.

anyway, it never went much past being signed with the agency, because back then i was living out in BFE, and had to work full-time. this didn't leave much time or availability for running out to auditions and things. and she was pretty shy during the few auditions we DID make it to, so i dropped it. but my current SAHM status (and living a bit closer to the l.a. area) means that i have a pretty darn flexible schedule (read: no schedule whatsoever). so the hub said "go for it. give it a shot, just for fun." and i thought, well, hell, why not? let's see what happens.

not to mention, the kid found out that her boys-of-the-moment, the jonas brothers, have been picked up for a new series on the disney channel. i made a random remark about how cool it would be if she got the opportunity to work as an extra on the show, and she lit up like a dang birthday candle.

"ohmygodmomthatwouldbesofreakingcool! i want to do that! how do i sign up?"

well, obviously, it isn't that easy. but i did manage to find this blog, and now i'm calling to make an appointment with the agency that casts extras for these shows. plus, the writer's strike is coming to an end (at least, that's what they're reporting), and maybe that means there'll be some availability.

the part that cracks me up is that we have to get work permits for the girls before they can possibly be cast for any work. and the form requires school-aged kids to get it signed off by the principal of their school. ha! the ladies in the office are gonna be all atwitter when they see our request.

the kid got a little verklempt at the idea of anyone at school finding out what we were up to, and i told her "just remember, babe, the last three letters of "principal" mean that he's your PAL!"

you should've seen the look i got at that one.


  1. Yay for the girls! Best of luck, although with how cute they are, I'm sure you won't need it!

    And, I <3 the pic of Mr. Belding! hahaha!

  2. dead at the last comment.

    If you ever become one of those crazy stage moms, i'm gonna have to slap you. Other than that, the bean will def be getting gigs cuz she's so. darn. cute.

  3. rolling my eyes at your last comment [because i'd make it].

    yay for the girls! a friend of mine had her baby all large over times square in a print ad for awhile and also on a few parenting magazine covers. according to her, they love the hapa babies. ;)

  4. That's so exciting. Your kids are so cute that I'm sure they'll do great.

    BTW, when I was your daughter's age, Mr. Belding came and spoke at my school. Every guy just chanted "We want Kelly" the whole time.

  5. The casting agencies will eat those two beautiful girls right up!

  6. Hell, even I rolled my eyes at your last comment :)

    Good luck with the auditions!

  7. I can't wait for your kids to be famous so I can brag to everyone that I've met their mom.


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