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Thursday, February 21, 2008

i get so emotional, baby.

okay, so one of my biggest guilty pleasures is soap operas. abc soaps, specifically. i've watched them all at one point in my life - from edge of night to ryan's hope to loving to all my children to port charles to one life to live, plus general hospital - the only one that i remain a loyal fan of.

until now.

my mom was a teacher back in the day, and when she was off for summer vacations, she'd watch all my children. i don't actually remember if she watched it religiously or not, but somehow she got me hooked, and my gram, and my aunt. i loved to watch the crazy antics of erica kane martin brent cudahy chandler marick marick montgomery - give or take a surname or two, perhaps. i loved the romances of nina and cliff, jenny and greg, dixie and tad, angie and jesse.

i lost track of amc a loooong time ago. i'd say i dropped it somewhere around high school - i just didn't have the time to keep up with it, and vcr tapes were pretty expensive for a girl whose income consisted of sporadic allowances and a part-time job at burger king.

but since i became a SAHM, i've picked up the habit of having the tv on all the time, whether i'm watching it or not. it's nice to have background noise, and it helps with the bean - we decided a long time ago that ours was not to be the type of household that had to be quiet at all times. i always snicker at those homes that sport a "shhhh, baby sleeping" sign at the front door. yes, i've actually seen this. don't tell me you haven't. well, or at least heard of it.

and then in early january, soapnet and abc began running this fabulous promo:

their marketing and writing departments did their jobs, yo. i was instantly determined to start tuning in every day, to see the reunion and hear the explanation of how/why these two characters were returning. i mean, jesse died, man! i know soap characters "return from the dead" all the time, but i don't care. i loved, loved, loved angie and jesse back in the day. and don't we all love to reminisce and wax nostalgic about silly things that take us back to when we were younger?

so yeah, i've been watching pretty religiously. i'm even a solid TWO weeks behind on general hospital - i've got to remind the hub to put the tivo out here instead of in the bedroom. and last week, when angie and jesse were finally in the same place at the same time, locked eyes, and ran in slow-mo towards each other, i was CRYING. the poor bean - my tears kept falling on her sleeping head. but it was just so...satisfying.

ah, i sure do love me some soaps.


  1. Angie and Jesse came back?! How is that possible?!

    Seriously. I watched AMC, too. This is not mockery.

  2. amc and oltl was what my mom, grandma and i all watched back in the day. don't know if i could stomach it now, but it sure was fun summer watching back then :)

  3. i cry at oprah every time i watch it. swear. also, i used to occasionally watch amc in high school but i can't even remember...there was a guy with dreads that got bit by a poisonous spider and almost died.

  4. I love how soaps let your imagination run wild. Back from the dead? Actually the devil? Amnesia? I love it all.

  5. I have no idea what you're talking about.

    But hey, I still <3 ya!

  6. I never watched AMC, but I want to try and empathize.

    When all the Thrifty's drugstores became Rite Aids, I thought I had lost my beloved Chocolate Malted Crunch ice-cream forever. Years later, I stepped into a Rite Aid for the 1st time and discovered THEY STILL CARRIED CHOCOLATE MALTED CRUNCH! It was such a beautiful truth that I cried.

    I imagine that your reunion with your beloved AMC characters is equivalent to my reunion with my ice-cream. In that case, I feel you, girl. I so feel you.

  7. Mmmmkay, this is *totally* off topic, but have you read this story?


    Perhaps these Jonas Bros would make good son-in-laws (someday) afterall!

  8. i have no idea what you're talking about.

    one of our client's almost tore of my CW's head because she rang the doorbell instead of knocking when the baby was sleeping. apparently, there was a post it on the outside of the door (that was no longer there by the time CW got there) saying "shh! baby sleeping! please knock instead of ringing the bell."

  9. You are so corny. And I love it. :) I didn't and don't watch any of that stuff but I can picture you sobbing it up in front of the TV.


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