Friday, February 22, 2008

all dressed up and nowhere to go

so the bean and i were all set for a nice, busy day. i even dressed her in this adorable outfit that was a gift from my friend amber! on lilcee's recommendation, we were going to meet a client at julienne in san marino for breakfast at 9:30. but she ended up having to cancel at the last minute - pink eye. dun dun dun! no bueno. the last thing i need is for the bean to get eye goo disease. so it's actually a blessing in disguise, but i was looking forward to the meeting. this client is a sweetheart (the one i did the boxed invitations for). oh, well.

the rest of the day will be busy enough - we've got gymboree at 11:45 and then we're scooping the kid up from school a little early for her orthodontics appointment. seems that the doc is going to want to have a little chat - i don't think she's been doing the rubber band thing at all, and she's way off schedule. hell, those braces were supposed to come off next month! crap. i guess i've gotta crack the rubber band whip.

the mega millions jackpot is up to some ridiculous amount - $270 million. we've already got our ticket(s) in the hope that we're that 1 in 175,000,000 that wins it. heh. i know it won't happen, but it's sure fun to imagine what we'd do with all that cheddah.

i was talking to my buddy a last night, just trading baby stories back and forth. i told her about how i gave the bean a shower - i sat her in the bumbo (yes, i remember how disastrous it was the last time i did this), put it on the floor of our shower, and used the handheld showerhead. haha! it wasn't terrible, but the shower head was a hair too short, and by the end of it, my back was KILLING me. the bean wasn't too thrilled because she couldn't play with her toys, so i guess i won't be doing that again. damn.

she told me about how she'd gone back to work, and luckily, she has on-site daycare. that's quite a bonus! anyway, people were welcoming her and asking if they could go see her baby - and this little munchkin is quite a big boy. we're
talking about a 24-pound 6 month-old baby here! anyway, later on she overheard folks talking: "did you see that giant 6 month old kid in the daycare??"

my poor friend. her kid's being treated like sideshow bob.

and then i was damn near writhing on the floor with laughter when she was telling me that he's wearing size 5 diapers (for comparison, the bean's wearing 2-3s). um, the biggest they make is a size 6. i asked her what she was going to do when he grew out of those, and i thought i was going to die at her answer:

"i'm gonna have to start buying DEPENDS."

oh, man. and those percentile charts at the doctor for height and weight? i asked her where he was on those, and he's OFF THE CHARTS. good lord. he is one big baby! it's a good thing he's so cute ;)

lastly, i'm in love. with a diaper bag. seriously, this is the most gorgeous diaper bag i've ever seen - but i don't think i can swing it. it retails for $325! shit. and even on ebay, it's about $295. [pout] i better start selling more invitations. or something. phuck.

happy weekend to all!


  1. That's a super cute diaper bag. Is it wrong that now I want to see the 24-pound baby? Cute dress the bean is in :)

  2. awww, sad that you couldn't go to Julienne's. Another time.

    Too cute. I still love the kid's hair. Makes me miss having long hair.

    Ditto on seeing the big baby.

  3. I had braces for about 4 years and my teeth are all jacked up now because I didn't wear the retainers. I hope that doesn't happen to the kid.

  4. The bag is Petunia PickleBottom, isn't it? I wish I would've known. Regent's Secret just had a gigantic PPB sale. It's over now, though. Sorry. :(

  5. Petunia Picklebottom Cake line.

    Are you scared? ARE YOU SCARED?

    I am surrounded by babies, yo.

  6. Love the bag....Looooovvvveeee it.

    I think I might have to change the boys nickname to side show bob! He's not fat, just big his girlfriend going to hold the depends over his head when they start dating? :) love that handsome man!

  7. Seriously - giant baby stories make me want to start smoking crack during my pregnancy.

  8. Whoa. Weemo just creeped me out a little.

  9. omg, i would totally use that diaper bag as a regular handbag!

  10. the diaper bag is adorable. loves it!

    the depends comment has me in tears. tears!

  11. That is a giant baby, dude. Maybe she's raising a ball player who'll make lots of cash and buy her a big house. :)


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