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Monday, February 25, 2008

it's the 24-pound baby

you asked for him.

i aim to please.

so, here he is:

i hope it's okay with his mama that i'm showing him off on her behalf. isn't he adorable? he looks like a little bear cub in that outfit.


  1. I'm scared.
    I was 37 pounds in first grade.

  2. he's huuuuuge!

    his mom must be ripped after carrying him around!

  3. Hey I didnt know you had that picture! I think he was only like 22 lbs in that picture too.

    My handsome man!

    To Weezermonkey and amber - I weighed 87 lbs when I was 11, it's his dad, he's a giant and I am pretty ripped :)

  4. Poor poor mommybelle - how big was he when he came out?

  5. Oh man! At least he'll be big enough to kick people's asses if they make fun of him for being tall when he's older.


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