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Thursday, February 14, 2008

"we'll always remember cubicle 6."

blogger is pissing me the hell off. i can't upload any pictures!
update: yay! all fixed!

oh mah gah, i thought i was gonna pee my pants.

the hub and i were watching good day l.a. this morning (i know, i know, but i'm a glutton for punishment like that) and they were talking about the plethora of weddings that apparently are happening today - being valentine's day and all. and we all know that the topic of weddings is still very near and dear to my heart.

yes, over two years later. shut up.

anyway, they had one of their reporters stationed at the local county recorder's office (you know, the one i spent a fun morning at in line for the bean's birth certificate), where they'd put up a big white tent, festooned it with cheesy valentine's day decorations, and had all the officiants dressed in flowing black robes with red rose boutonnieres. ah, so festive.

enter the bride and groom. the groom looked very nice, and was quite excited - i couldn't tell if it was at the prospect of marrying the love of his life, or at being on tv.

cut to the blushing bride, who was wearing a coat over her $99 special david's bridal gown (i hate david's bridal. the one time i made the mistake of going in there looking for bridesmaids' shoes, they were total and complete assholes and i vowed never to give them a penny of my hard-earned cash). and i was slightly pearl-clutchy over her overall appearance - while her husband-to-be had obviously taken time to make himself look nice for their wedding day, she looked like she'd rolled out of bed, used her fingers to comb her hair, and threw on a big white poofy dress. oy.

and as their officiant led them to their little corner of the wedding tent, steve edwards cracked me the hell up as he uttered the line in the title of this post. sure enough, they were traipsing into a cubicle with a big ass red "6" on it. how romantical!

happy valentine's day, one and all!


  1. happy valentine's day m'dear :)

    hope ya have a good one!

  2. Happy V-Day!
    I am cringing at that story for so so many reasons. Actually beyond cringing. I need a new word. David's Bridal is the Sears of weddings.

  3. Dahahaha.

    Okay, just out of curiosity, which video cuz I wanna see the dishelved hair.


  4. Happy Valentines Day! Your baby looks too adorable!

  5. That's funny and sad, yet sounds like the perfect White-Trash wedding (oops, was that mean?). I LOVE how the Bean smiles in all the pics you post :) Too cute!

  6. I heart Steve Edwards! :)

    Bean is adorable per usual. :)

    Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  7. happy belated! love the bean's outfit. i have a lovely story regarding the county recorder's office, too, but never blogged it. hmm...


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