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Friday, February 1, 2008

so much good stuff

whew, it's been quite a busy week. and the weekend is going to be pretty jam-packed, too:
  • tonight, i'm working on a big ass order of wedding invitations that needs to be done ASAP. they're boxed, multi-layered, and include a couple of detailed inserts that'll be attached to the inside of the lid with a ribbon band. i have SO. much. to. do.
  • tomorrow, we're going to get up nice and early to hit the post office for the bean's passport. shit, i gotta remember to fill out the forms online. anyway, it's first-come, first-served, and saturdays are always busy as hell at the ol' post office. i'll have to post her passport pic - i think it's funny that infants have to have a passport at all, but i understand it. sort of. ;)
  • then tomorrow night is that jonas brothers concert at gibson ampitheatre. heh. sadly, my friend amber had to back out (good luck this weekend, A!), but my brother's girlfriend is subbing for her. that'll be fun, because i haven't had the chance to hang with her much in recent months and i miss her. this means my bro will be helping the hub babysit the bean. muahahahahaha!
  • sunday we'll head to church, and then i think the hub's going to join his stogey buddies at the cigar shop to watch the stupid bowl (can you tell i'm not a football fan?). while he's gone, i'll probably hang at home, strap the bean to my person, and finish up those invitations. i'm hoping to have them all done by monday. wish me luck.
i'll probably have the football game on for background noise and to watch the commercials. heh. that's really the only part i ever watch. [ducking]

yesterday, we decided to skip the gym (hey, we went three days in a row - not bad for previously being major sloths) and headed out to pasadena instead to meet up with our friend lilcee. she had a gift certificate for
jubilee salon that she couldn't use (i'm still unclear on this, because she said it expired yesterday and i thought this was illegal!), and graciously offered to give us her appointment for a pedicure.

i tried to get an appointment at the same time for the kid to get a manicure, but it turns out that the joint only has ONE nail tech. i thought this was weird, especially when we arrived and found that they were set up with at least half a dozen stations. but whatever - it's not my business.

so instead, i gave the appointment to the kid and settled for watching while dancing around with the bean in the moby wrap. she got gorgeous, glossy french tips, and then lilcee arrived, gift certificate in hand, and handed us these adorable hello kitty red envelopes for chinese new year. so cute!

um, i ended up opening mine to find cash for the nail tech's tip. heh. thank you, lilcee! we owe you one :)

she's also heading out tomorrow to see my new favorite hairstylist, rochelle, for a new 'do. i hope she loves her as much as we did! i've had my new hair for almost a week now and i love it so much, i think i'm going to keep getting it cut this way. for a while, at least - till i get tired of it. knowing me, that won't take long.

a quick trip to paper source, a stop at urban outfitters and starbucks, and we hit the road. i love the fair oaks on-ramp, because you can get right onto the freeway in the carpool lane. this is fabulous when it's a weeknight and there's traffic going our way!

and here's the bean, playing with her sister's teddy on her bed. love this.

off to gymboree! whee!


  1. I, too, thought it was illegal for a gift certificate to expire in the state of California. I thought the only way they could punish you was by charging a "service fee" each month it isn't used, therby reducing the amount of the gift certificate.

  2. I hope the concert is fun!

    Good luck on the invitations. :)

    C is super awesome. :)

    Bean is super cute. :)

  3. Can't wait to hear about the crazy Jonas Brothers concert. Bring earplugs...not b/c the brothers will be loud, but to block out all the tween girls yelling at their first heart throbs :)

  4. California Civil Code sections 1749.45 through 1749.6 govern gift certificates and gift cards.

    Cage Queen is right re the "service fee," but there are several exceptions to the "no expiration date" clause.

    These exceptions include the following:

    (1) a gift card that can be used with multiple unaffiliated sellers of goods or services can expire;

    (2) an issuer may accept funds toward the purchase of a gift certificate from one or more contributors as a gift for another person (the "recipient"), and may require a date by which the recipient must redeem the funds (applicable only provided that each contributor is given a full refund of the amount paid where: the funds are contributed for the purpose of being redeemed by the recipient by purchasing a gift certificate; the time in which the recipient may redeem the funds is clearly disclosed in writing to the contributors and the recipient; and the recipient does not redeem the funds within the time disclosed);

    (3) certain gift certificates or gift cards sold after January 1, 1998, are not subject to any of the rules discussed here. To be exempt, these gift certificates or gift cards must contain an expiration date in at least 10-point type on the front of the card and must be either:

    (a) distributed by the issuer to a consumer without charge under an awards, loyalty or promotional program; or

    (b) sold below face value at a volume discount to employers or to nonprofit and charitable organizations for fundraising purposes, if the expiration date is 30 days or less after the date of sale; or

    (c) issued for a food product, such as a grocery item.

  5. Weemo said more than I could ever hope to say so I will simply say have fun!

  6. i <3 the monkey for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that she chimed in with a fully detailed description of what i was questioning in this post ON VACATION.


  7. in response to your response: i'm not actually a parent, just a teacher. i'm sure dude is totally fine...just the couple of parents i've met, who frankly are either ghetto, white trash, or don't actually want to be parents, have left a negative impression on me. i'm sure had i not had these interactions, i wouldn't feel this way about calling my kid dude :) for some reason, i felt like i needed to explain otherwise i wouln't have slept well tonight. from what i've read, you are an incredible mom to your girls :)

  8. i heart weemo.

    good luck with the invites. i saw cee later that day, and she told me about the craziness they are. :)

  9. That pic of the bean KILLS me. I seriously want to eat her in all of her scrumptious cuteness. How do you not eat your little girl, Wan-a-mama? How do you control yourself? Because me? That kind of cuteness, I could not

  10. Awwww too dang cute!!! I love this picture.

  11. dang, i must be getting old. i don't know who the jonas brothers are.


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