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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


  • i'm excited because i'm going to join a group of my buddies to cheer on our friends from the oc, who've been training for the l.a. marathon. they've raised a ton of cash for the leukemia & lymphoma society, and i just think they're awesome.
  • this is pissing me off. i can't seem to get any higher than 14.5 seconds.
  • i'm taking the kid and the bean today to register with a talent agency that specializes in background (extra) work for kids. the kid is damn near out of her head with the possibility of getting to work on a disney channel show - specifically, the new "j.o.n.a.s." show. yup, it stars the jonas brothers as "junior operatives networking as spies." i don't make this shit up, people.
  • the bean's already been signed with a local management company who specializes in placing babies in commercials, movies, television shows, and print ads. our manager is so sweet and is extremely knowledgeable about the industry, as her three kids grew up in it. whee!
  • this means that there's a possibility that the bean may be unmasked soon. it seems silly to keep blocking those eyes (as fun as it is to color coordinate the mask) when there's a chance that she'll be out in the public eye somehow anyway. heh.
  • my mom went to london for a mini-vacation. i thought it was funny that i had absolutely no idea whatsoever that she was out of the country. oh, well.
  • speaking of vacation, we paid our deposit for our accommodations in nyc over spring break. yahoo! it looks like a nice little apartment, and my cousin r says it's in an ideal location - right near times square. it's a 1-bedroom on the second floor of a building with a doorman and an elevator. i love how the owner describes it on the website as "not in a shady area." awesome.
  • snoop's "sensual seduction" - which is a horrid song to begin with, is apparently cleaned up for radio play. why do i say this? because on my satellite radio, it's "sensual eruption" - taking this song to a whole 'nother level. the hub, the kid, the bean and i were coming home from church on sunday when it came on and after listening to it, i felt like i needed to flip a bitch and go right back for some cleansing.
  • the kid was working on some definition flash cards for history the other day. they're just simple 3" x 5" index cards, with the definition written on the back and the word and a descriptive picture pasted to the front. she always has me help her find the pictures on the internet, and one of the words was "figurehead". the definition was "a person who is elected into a position of leadership, but has no actual authority." and here's the picture we used:


  1. mmm hmm. saw that when i was looking at songs on itunes a couple weeks ago. so gross. although, the ridiculously popular "milkshake" song from a couple years ago was the same thing. i'll let you figure out what the actual song was :/

  2. The Bean is gonna be famous!! Can't wait to see her smiling face on a diapers commercial! :)

  3. Sad that the same accommodations are not available for my trip. Go figure! We could have been NY Accommodations Twinsies. ;(

    Bean is too cute and Mini-Wan is sure to be a hit. Crossing my fingers for both of them.

  4. Hee, I don't think the kid will ever forget the definition for figurehead.

    Yay for trip to NYC! I love that city.

  5. allmomssame. but then again she didn't know i was in seattle last weekend.

    yes, i didn't mention the drrrty title in my blog post. damn. it's in my head again.

  6. I love that your baby girls are going into show biz! They are darling, so I hope all goes well and you make some college cash!

    Can't wait for your NYC trip! I love that city!!!

  7. I am going to be so excited to see you at the finish line, you don't even know!!! :-D

  8. I read your blog regularly and love it! Just wanted to know what agency do you have the kids with? I want to put my two into it also? Any tips?


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