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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

bacon is good.

of course, this is not news, nor is it a secret. in fact, tater and i often send each other links to interesting/outrageous/ridiculous/delicious bacon-related items. and so this post is dedicated to my dear friend tater!

here's a few of the fun ones she's found:

bacon vodka.

bacon weave. obviously, these folks have a lot of time on their hands.

bacon-wrapped tofu.

and, more bacon fun:

a bacon scarf! my friend ssinca actually posted a similar scarf on the O.C. nest board a few weeks ago, although hers admittedly was somewhat nicer-looking. well, as nice-looking as a bacon scarf could possibly be.

bacon vs. tofu. who wins?
bacon MINTS. i love the description, taken from perpetualkid.com: "each one of these mints tastes like a delicious slice of crispy bacon with just a hint of mint flavor to give it that extra punch! It may sound weird but once you taste it, you'll see that mint and bacon is a match made in China. Each 2" x 2" tin contains one hundred mints." yummy, yes?

bacon band-aids. and because it can't always be about bacon (wait, did i really say that?), there's a box that has egg band-aids to go with it. oh, and confession: i HAVE a box of these. shocked, aren'tcha?

bacon wallet. imagine the looks you'd get when you whip this thing out, say, at a fancy dinner with clients or something. "heeeeeeeyyyyy, isn't it cool?" mm-hmm. awesome.

WWBD? which, of course, means "what would bacon do?" yeah.

gummy bacon. i don't know which is worse, the bacon mints or gummy bacon. seriously, it could taste marvelous and yet there's no way in hell i'd try it.

however, i HAVE tried these: bacon-flavored jelly bellies. yup. they come in the harry potter-themed box along with other such lovely flavors as booger, dirt, vomit, and ear wax. i was at the jelly belly factory in northern california two years ago and decided, hey, why not? and believe it or not, it really wasn't as disgusting as it sounds. i almost liked them. almost.

lastly, bacon salt. because as the company's logo says, everything should taste like bacon!

in my quest for all things bacon, i also found sites/blogs dedicated to my favorite nitrite-filled pork product, like baconunwrapped.com and iheartbacon.com. sheesh. and i thought i was bad.

wow, i've never used the word "bacon" so much in the span of oh, the ten minutes i've spent compiling this post. hmmm. all that's missing is gravy. maybe i'll start looking for fun gravy products and websites for a future post. heh. maybe not - i'm a little scared of what i might find.

hey, i'm hungry - guess what i'm gonna go make?


  1. "a match made in china."

    love it. thanks for the shoutout. i'm also glad to find we aren't the craziest out there as evidenced by those two websites.

  2. I would use a bacon wallet.
    And that's exactly what I'd say.

  3. I had no clue that your love for bacon was on this level. I'm speechless.

  4. A friend bought her fiance some of those exact bacon mints for Christmas and kindly gave my bacon-loving fiance a tin. When you open the lid, you're hit with the smell of dog food. It is seriously nasty. I didn't dare try one but my fiance confirmed they did indeed taste like bacon.

  5. i like bacon. a lot.
    i even had it for breakfast this morning.

    and yet, this post makes me a little ill :/

  6. mmmmmm....bacon....

    you may have just inspired breakfast-for-dinner over at our house!

  7. Dude, what about the fancy Vosges bacon chocolate bar?! It's OK, the secret is to let it melt in your mouth.

  8. I've *tried* those Bacon Mints. One of my co-workers got them as part of our Secret Santa exchange. They are HORRID, and this is coming from a bacon lover.

  9. I'm a bacon lover and am sad to hear the mints are nasty. Sad, but not surprised. If there was bacon perfume, would you wear it?

  10. Hmmm, I heart bacon.

    I don't like cooking bacon though. Too much work to clean up afterwards.

  11. I used to work fast food, and whenever we'd get a box of bacon in, it came with these cool bacon stickers.

    I still have them. You jealous?


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